Art Against Violence is an 18-month project funded by the US Embassy in Beirut, designed to engage 300 young people aged 15 to 29 from Bekaa across four regions. The initiative provides training in various art forms, including Piano, Guitar, Photography, Theater, Filmmaking, and Drawing. Additionally, civil training in conflict resolution and mediation is offered. Following the training, each art training group undertakes the creation of their own artworks, such as theater pieces, short films, music bands, and photography and drawing exhibitions. Talented youth receive seed funding, enabling them to bring their projects to life. These emerging artists organize numerous events and shows across different locations, with our organization's support. Several youth projects were launched and funded under this program, and 4 murals were implemented in 4 different areas. The primary project objective is to nurture and empower gifted youth in Bekaa, utilizing art to combat violence. The project aimed to cultivate the capacities of young individuals as catalysts for positive change and active contributors to peace, combating all forms of violence and extremism through artistic expression.

Overall Objectives: 
The objective of this project is to build youth's capacities as positive change makers and active agents of peace fighting violence and extremism in all forms through arts.
Start Date
Tue, 01/09/2020 - 10:00am
Project Status
Project Timeframe
18 Months
Intervention Sector(s):
Advocacy & Awareness, Children & Youth, Communications & Media, Conflict Resolution, Culture, Training & Capacity Building
Project Location:
Fakiha, Orsal, Ain, Kaa , Baalbek-Hermel
Baalbek-Hermel LB
Collaboration with Other Organisations