In a collaborative effort, Peace of Art and PAX introduced the Innovation Academy project, an ambitious initiative encompassing diverse aspects of community development. The program included comprehensive training sessions designed to equip groups of young individuals with essential English language and computer skills, along with fostering civic awareness. The project's scope extended further with the establishment of Peace of Art's pioneering co-working space, the first of its kind in Northern Beka'a, offering a hub for innovation and collaboration. Notably, the initiative marked the launch of the region's first podcast, amplifying local voices. A key focus was inclusivity, as the project established an accessible arts and training space catering to individuals with disabilities. The construction of a sports court and provision of asphalt ensured the space's accessibility for all. Beyond educational efforts, the program extended to training teachers, enhancing their classroom engagement and teaching techniques for both online and offline education. Sporting activities and livelihood training in traditional crafts like soap making, preserved food preparation, and handmade carpet weaving enriched the academy's offerings, leading to the creation of numerous crafts.

Overall Objectives: 
The overarching goal of the project was to foster enhanced opportunities for the youth and women of Northern Bekaa while simultaneously breaking the region's isolation and amplifying the voices of its vibrant community.
Start Date
Project Status
Project Timeframe
Intervention Sector(s):
Children & Youth, Culture, Education, Science & Technology, Sports & Recreation, Training & Capacity Building
Project Location:
Fakiha , Beqaa
Beqaa LB
Collaboration with Other Organisations