The Daleel Madani Experts Roster is an online directory of identified and verified experts, tailored to facilitate civil society actors’ search for relevant and suitable talents with specific skill sets in a wide range of fields, spanning from translation to research, design, delivery of workshops, and others.

Please note that only registered members on Daleel Madani are eligible to sign up for this service and access this roster.

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Why feature an Experts Roster on Daleel Madani?

The Experts Roster provides a verified list of specialists across various sectors that can be accessed by civil society organisations and initiatives seeking to commission expertise, knowledge, or a specific skill set. It also makes visible the talent of registered experts, and showcases feedback and endorsements they received from members of the Daleel Madani community with whom they have previously collaborated.

By providing a community-endorsed, community-validated list of specialists, the Experts Roster enhances the transparency of recruitments and performance assessments, increases the availability of and accessibility to skills of experts, and ensures more reliable, thus efficient, work.

Who can register on Daleel Madani’s Experts Roster?

Experts with relevant experience who are available for short-term and/or freelance assignments are invited to register on the roster, and provide endorsements from 3 different organisations registered on Daleel Madani.

Your request for endorsement will be sent to the organisation on Daleel Madani for validation, then application will be reviewed by our team for approval within 5 working days. After approval, your application will be listed among other experts’ profiles which can be accessed by Daleel Madani members.

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