About Daleel Madani

Daleel Madani, the civil society network.

Launched in 2006 in Lebanon, and globally in 2019, Daleel Madani aims to strengthen cooperation between civil society actors, thus limiting duplication of work, and enhancing the civil society sector. In addition, it is dedicated to promoting accessible information about civil society, in a belief in the right to information and in the importance of transparent civil society work.

Daleel Madani is the most regularly updated and used site by civil society organisations in Lebanon since 2006, and gathers over 2 million visits per month from users around the world.

Through Daleel Madani, member civil society actors can register and benefit from a variety of services, such as posting resources, projects, call for proposals, events, press releases, and job vacancies. Daleel Madani currently has a directory of more than 1,400 civil society actors, including collectives, national civil society organisations, international NGOs, UN agencies, donor organisations, and private sector firms working towards the public good.

If you are part of an organisation that wishes to register, you can do so here.

As for individual users, by visiting the Daleel Madani website, they can stay informed about civil society and public action, as well as search for suitable opportunities in which they can, in turn, benefit society.
In addition, individuals experts can sign up to the Experts Roster, and make their expertise available for civil society actors, provided they receive 3 endorsements from actors registered on Daleel Madani. The Experts Roster is an online directory of identified and verified experts, tailored to facilitate civil society actors’ search for relevant and suitable talents with specific skill sets. Read more here.

Daleel Madani is a programme by Lebanon Support.

The Centre for Social Sciences Research & Action is registered in Cyprus as a non-profit Limited Liability Company under registration number HE421100. 
By virtue of an MOA, Lebanon Support (registered in Lebanon under number 168) implements all activities and projects in Lebanon under the name of "Centre for Social Sciences Research & Action".