'Art Against Discrimination' Initiative

The 'Art Against Discrimination' project which is funded by the European Endowment for Democracy (EED) is a 12 month initiative that targets 80 youngsters from Baalbeck-Hermel (Syrian and Lebanese) and and allows them to access artistic and civil training. The trainings included Music basics, Piano, Aoud, Photography and Production. Theproject also includes civil training that covered topics like confict resolution, peace building, citizenship, and leadership.. The main objective of the project is to bring youth from various backgrounds (Nationalities, religions, sectors, genders...) together regardless of the hardships, in order to build peace, coexistence, and acceptance of other to change the existing tension between youth from different areas and backgrounds. In the same time, youth are introduced for the first time to the opportunity to learn new artistic skills and combine them with civil trainings that will help them become future leaders capable of expressing themselves in the most creative ways.

Overall Objectives: 
The activities in this phase have been focusing on building youngsters skills to picture, explore, define and represent their identities through arts. These activities were oriented to encourage youth to identify a variety of social issues they face in their community, and integrate them in their class works through photographs and short movies.The activities contributed to empower the youth within a dynamic participation in their social environment in a way that fosters critical thinking, research, and creativity, and that aims to provide inspiring models of active young leaders who are trying to create a better community based on peace and acceptance. The most important objective that the project is achieving from the beginning of its first phase is bringing youth from different backgrounds to interact, connect, work together and build sustainable relations which leads to reconciliation among the youth, and on a bigger scale among communities that have been apart for a very long time. Barriers among youngsters are being broken, and new bridges are being built.
Photography, Production, Music Basics, Piano, Oud and civil training workshops. Youth produced a short movie and created a photo exhibition that reflected their view of their community
Start Date
Sat, 07/01/2017 - 9:00am
Project Status
Project Timeframe
12 Months
Intervention Sector(s):
Children & Youth, Conflict Resolution, Democracy & Civic rights, Refugees, Social & Cultural Development
Project Location:
Peace of Art Center, Jdaideh, North Bekaa
Fakiha-Jdaideh , Baalbek-Hermel
Phone: +96170737223
Baalbek-Hermel LB
Collaboration with Other Organisations
European Endowment for Democracy