Art Against Violence  is an 18 months project funded by  USA that targets 300 youngsters from Bekaa in 4 different regions , aged between 15 & 29,  to train them on art and to support them with seed funding to create their own art projects later. The trainings included Piano, guitar, Photography, Theater, film making and drawing, in parallel there will be civil training about conflict resolution, conflict mediation, after the training, every group of art training will implement their own artworks ( piece of theater, short film, music band, photography and drawing exhibitions) and talented youngsters will be supported with seed funding, many events and shows will be organized by these artists in different places with the support of our organization  . The main objective of the project is  to support talented youth in Bekaa and to fight against violence through art.

الأهداف العامة: 
The objective of this project is to build youth's capacities as positive change makers and active agents of peace fighting violence and extremism in all forms through arts.
تاريخ البداية
ثلاثاء, 01/09/2020 - 10:00am
حالة المشروع
18 Months
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المناصرة والتوعية, الأطفال والشباب, الاتصالات والإعلام, حل النزاعات, ثقافة, التدريب وبناء القدرات
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Fakiha, Orsal, Ain, Kaa , Baalbek-Hermel
Baalbek-Hermel LB
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