In collaboration, Peace of Art and PAX initiated the "Young Media Creators" project, a dynamic endeavor that empowered 16 young individuals with invaluable media and advocacy training through a comprehensive training program. This initiative encompassed a range of skills vital to modern communication, such as film making, photography, content creation, editing, and design—leveraging accessible and free software, with a focus on utilizing mobile phones. Moreover, the project dived into intensive training spanning various faces of effective communication, including presentation techniques, compelling storytelling, nonverbal communication, persuasive pitching, advocacy strategies, debate, research, and the art of constructing coherent arguments. Additionally, participants received in-depth instruction on crucial topics such as gender equality, human rights, conflict resolution, countering misinformation, and civic engagement. Through "Young Media Creators," Peace of Art and PAX provided these young talents with a robust skill set poised to make a positive impact in the world of media, advocacy, and social change.

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Peace of Art in partnership with PAX launched the "Young Media Creators" project, equipping 16 young individuals with comprehensive media and advocacy training that encompassed diverse skills for modern communication, such as film-making, photography, content creation, and editing, coupled with essential communication facets like storytelling, advocacy strategies, research, and gender equality, thereby empowering them for meaningful contributions to media, advocacy, and societal transformation.
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