Organized by the dedicated team and volunteers of Peace of Art, the "Meet Your Candidate" initiative emerged as a powerful voluntary effort during the elections period. This initiative ingeniously established a platform for young individuals to directly engage with candidates vying for parliamentary representation of Northern Bekaa. In this unique setting, all candidates were extended invitations to participate, fostering an environment where candid conversations flourished. The initiative allowed youth to voice their concerns, share ideas, and emphasize priorities while affording candidates the opportunity to articulate their programs. Through "Meet Your Candidate," Peace of Art facilitated a vital space for open dialogues, contributing to informed decision-making and enabling a more engaged and informed electorate.

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Organized by Peace of Art's dedicated team and volunteers, the "Meet Your Candidate" initiative emerged as a voluntary effort, creating a platform for young individuals to directly engage with parliamentary candidates competing for representation in Northern Bekaa. By inviting all candidates and fostering candid conversations, this initiative provided a unique setting for youth to express concerns, share ideas, and candidates to outline their programs, ultimately fostering informed decision-making and cultivating an engaged and knowledgeable electorate through open dialogues.
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جمعة, 25/08/2023 - 8:15pm
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