Request for EOI – Construction of Anfeh, Ansariyeh and Ras el Matn Organic Waste Composting Stations

ECODIT Beirut LLC (henceforth ECODIT) is soliciting expressions of interest and submission of pre-qualification data (Phase 1) from qualified Bidders/Construction Contractors for the construction of an organic waste composting station, including land preparation works, in (1) Anfeh, Koura District, (2) Ansariyeh, Saida District, (3) Ras el Matn, Matn District - see Attachment A. A Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) formed by ECODIT will evaluate all Expressions of Interest (EOIs) received and short-list up to five bidders/contractors based on the eligibility for pre-qualification and the evaluation factors described in this request for EOIs. Subsequently, for each town, ECODIT will issue a separate Request for Proposal (RFP; Phase 2) to all short-listed contractors, inviting them to submit detailed quotes in response to final tender documents for that town. ECODIT may issue the three RFPs for the construction works in the three towns in a staggered fashion (i.e., spread over time). For each town, the TEC will evaluate the offers received based on the evaluation criteria that will be listed in the RFP and select one contractor for the construction works for that town. All short-listed contractors will be encouraged to bid on all three RFPs. ECODIT may award more than one construction contract to the same contractor -for example, two construction contracts for two of the three towns, or three construction contracts for the three towns.

Scope of Work for the Construction Works
This Request for Expressions of Interest, and the subsequent RFP, concern the construction works for the three composting stations in Anfeh, Ansariyeh and Ras el Matn. DAWERR will support Anfeh, Ansariyeh and Ras el Matn Municipalities and their local community to develop sustainable composting value chain for organic waste, including source separation, collection, and composting of organic waste through the construction of small-scale, low-tech, low-cost composting stations, creating local demand for the compost produced for agricultural, landscaping, or other uses as soil conditioner/fertilizer supplement.
In Anfeh and Ras el Matn, DAWERR is planning to install Container Composters that will be fabricated separately by another contractor, who will bring the container composters to the site and install them after the construction works have been completed. For Ansariyeh, DAWERR is planning to build composting bunkers. Exhibit 1 outlines the scopes of works (SOW) for the municipality, the construction contractors, and other DAWERR contractors to complete the construction of the composting station in each town. The Construction Contractor will be expected to take possession of the site and begin construction, noting that the municipality and other DAWERR contractors will contribute to construction works as detailed in Exhibit 1.

How to apply

Eligibility to Pre-Qualify
To be eligible to submit an EOI in response to this Request for EOIs and be considered for pre-qualification, a construction contractor must:
1. Be classified in the second category and above of buildings and public works classification at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport1, and provide a proof of such classification;
2. Be registered in the Commercial Registry with a valid registration, and provide a copy of registration showing validity through September 30, 2023 or beyond;
3. Be registered with the Directorate of Value Added Tax (VAT) and provide a copy of the certificate of registration;
4. Operate a non-bankrupt business and provide (1) a non-bankruptcy statement issued by the competent bankruptcy court, and (2) a statement of the Bidder that he/she is not under judicial liquidation, issued by the Commercial Court; both statements should be dated no more than six months before the deadline for submitting the EOI;
5. Have a Professional Liability Insurance Policy with coverage for at least $500,000 for any one claim and $1,000,000 in the aggregate and provide a copy of it, or provide a signed Commitment letter to obtain such insurance prior to contract execution;
6. Provide a signed Commitment letter to obtain a Contractor’s All Risk (CAR) insurance policy, Contractor General Liability Insurance policy, Workers’ Compensation Insurance (all-in-one or separate policies) prior to contract execution ; and
7. Have implemented at least one similar project worth at least $100,000 successfully in the past three years and provide relevant supporting documentation.
E. Instructions for Preparing and Submitting Questions and Expressions of Interest
All interested bidders are encouraged to submit questions by email to the attention of Mrs. Carla Hammoud ([email protected]) with a copy to Mr. Jad Sakr ([email protected]) by the deadline included on page one and Section G of this document. ECODIT will compile all questions and provide answers in an updated Request for EOIs that will also be posted on Daleel Madani and ECODIT website as per timeline included in Section G.
Expressions of Interest
To be considered for the short list, interested bidders must provide the information requested in Section D (Eligibility to Pre-Qualify) and in Attachment A, and email the information together with a cover letter, to the attention of Mrs. Carla Hammoud ([email protected]) with a copy to Mr. Jad Sakr ([email protected]) by the deadline included on page 1 and Section G of this document, and submit soft copies on a flash drive at ECODIT office, to the attention of Mrs. Carla Hammoud, at the following address:

Mrs. Carla Hammoud
Compliance and Grants Specialist
USAID-funded DAWERR Activity
Sarkis Building, 6th floor
Zalka, Lebanon

The cover letter shall be signed by a person duly authorized to sign on behalf of the contractor in which the contractor expresses its desire to participate in the tender, acknowledges that he/she has studied the documents of the tender file, and expresses its willingness to adhere precisely and faithfully to all its conditions.
Expressions of Interest must be received at the above address by no later than Monday August 14, 2023, no later than 5:00 PM beirut time. Expressions of Interest or any supporting pre-qualifications documents received after this deadline will not be accepted. No phone or email inquiries about this Request for EOIs will be accepted. ECODIT will post this Request for EOIs and future updates on the Daleel Madani website under the Call for Tenders page.
All Expressions of Interest submitted by Bidders in response to this Request for EOIs will be treated as confidential documents, but any hard copies will not be returned. Each Bidder will bear all costs and expenses associated with the preparation and submittal of the pre-qualification package, including the provision of any Supplemental Information that may be requested. If a Bidder knowingly makes a misrepresentation in submitting information to ECODIT, such misrepresentation may be sufficient ground for denying prequalification to that Bidder, rescinding the Bidder’s prequalification, rejecting a Bidder or rescinding an award of a Subcontract or terminating the Subcontract itself.