Request for Proposal - Provision and Installation of Generators and Photovoltaic (PV) systems for Rachaya el Wadi and Baskinta composting stations

This RFP concerns the provision and installation of generators and PV systems for the composting stations in Rachaya el Wadi and Baskinta.


DAWERR is supporting Rachaya el Wadi and Baskinta municipalities and their local communities to develop sustainable composting value chains for organic waste, including source separation, collection, and composting of organic waste through the construction of small-scale, low-tech, low-cost composting stations, creating local demand for the compost produced for agricultural, landscaping, or other uses as soil conditioner/fertilizer supplement. DAWERR will construct one central composting station in each municipality and provide necessary equipment including generators and PV systems for the operation of the stations.

Over a three-month period, and based on drawings, BOQ and specifications included in Appendices B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, the Contractor shall conduct the following:   

  • Supply and install the generators and the PV systems;
  • Install the electrical panel boards, cabling, and networks;
  • Execute the steel structure holding the PV panels and its related reinforced concrete works;
  • Test and commission the generators and PV systems, and provide necessary warranties to the relevant municipalities; and
  • Train workers on the operation of the generators and PV systems.

The Contractor will be expected to take possession of the site and begin installation upon receiving order to proceed from ECODIT. The contractor is expected to coordinate with the construction contractor under the direction of DAWERR Construction Manager or his designee.

Tentative timeline for provision and installation of generators and PV systems:

  • Baskinta: Mid-March 2024 – Mid-May 2024
  • Rachaya el Wadi: Mid-March 2024 – Mid-May 2024

Coordinates of Rachaya el Wadi and Baskinta composting stations:

  • Baskinta: 33.937720, 35.777254
  • Rachaya Al Wadi: 33.482835, 35.866407

How to apply

See RFP-DAWERR-2023-07 Attached. 

Tuesday, 19. Dec 2023
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
Intervention Sector(s):
Development, Environment