Consultant for Basic needs assessment

MPDL is looking for an individual consultant or study agency to undertake the following:

  • The identification of the most severe and pressing unmet basic needs, affected areas, and groups, based on current and forecasted humanitarian outcomes, as perceived by the affected population (severity of deprivation)
  • An understanding of the issues experienced by the affected population, due to which they cannot meet their basic needs; they will be referred to as “barriers”.
  • An understanding of how households tend to cope with the unmet needs
  • An overview of the current primary sources of basic goods and services, and related access, availability, and quality issues (see point above).
  • Basic information on the demand for basic goods and services, to inform market assessments
  • Information to guide and support the design and planning of subsequent more in-depth assessments and analyses which are often more detailed, operational, and sector-specific.

 The BNA approach includes three major objectives agreed upon by the largest donors and aid providers in the sector. These main objectives are:

  • Vulnerability scoring and Prioritization Based on targeted families and Community Needs.
  • Evidence-Based Decision Making (ECA/ Cash for work/Psychological and mental health intervention…).
  • Improved Response Modalities.

The specific objectives of this TOR are to:

  • Understand and specify the Needs of the 2000 PWDs and their families.
  • Data Collection and Analysis.
  • Informing Response Strategies.

The expected results of this Implementation Agreement will be:  

  1. Updating of the database and identification of 2,000 PWD (at least 60% women) through a needs assessment that assesses the vulnerability of PWD.
  2. Criteria for prioritizing the provision of cash assistance and cash for work.
  3. This outcome aims to improve the capacities of PwD’s to meet their basic needs. Through the project, vulnerable PwD’s, will receive training on employment and interpersonal skills to increase their resilience and be able to cope with the difficulties of the current socio-economic crisis. In addition, it will seek to respond to the highest priority basic needs through cash assistance.
  4. Standards of psychological and social support and assistance In detecting cases of gender-based violence, for example: Family income and expenses, Number of members and health Rehabilitation needs, mental health, The role and status of women, more than A person with a disability in the family.

The implementing agency is expected to fulfill the required tasks and execute the deliverables in the timeframe given below:


Indicative Deadline

Detailed technical and financial quotation

Before the end of the publication period

Agreement with the BNA Agency

One week after shortlisted

View project documents and partners’ data

One week after signing the contract

Submit the initial report with survey tools

One week after View project documents and partners’ data

Training the work team and partners on how to use the collected data

After one week

Delivering recommendations regarding needs and priorities

After one week of training the project team

Final report

Last week

All payments will be processed upon the satisfactory submission and project clearance on the deliverables and upon the submission of all the supporting documents, annexes, reports and invoices deemed necessary by the project.

How to apply

Selection criteria of implementing agency:

  • Only proposals received from registered researcher agency operating in Lebanon will be considered.
  • The MPDL invites technical and financial proposals from qualified individual or agency having relevant experience in delivering similar money transfer services as mentioned in this Terms of Reference (TOR). Technically responsive and financially viable agency/entity will be chosen following MPDL’s procurement rules/procedures on evaluation by MPDL team of professionals.
  • Cumulative Evaluation Method will be used for this procurement exercise and Contract will be awarded to highest scorer(s) in Cumulative analysis considering Technical and Financial Evaluation: 


1. Technical Proposal (70%)

The Technical proposal will contain 70% weight, whereas Technical Evaluation passing score is 50%. Any applying entity that scores less than 50% in Technical Evaluation shall not be considered for financial evaluation.  

 The technical proposal is expected to be submitted by the bidders in the following structure:  

1. CV for individuel consultant or institution’s profile demonstrating required capacity and local presence/activities in Beqaa (Barillias, Zahli and Baalbek...),  summarizing past experience and works undertaken in providing trainings and works with refugee and host community.

2. Detailed description of relevant past works and assignments related to BNA services (Research & consultancy and other services)

3. Summary of the proposed methodology, implementation plan and M&E. 


4. Detailed work plan with a timetable related to the different activities 

5. CVs of Team leader and all staff involved in the project implementation demonstrating their capacity to conduct the assignment

6. Foreseen challenges during the implementation of the project and mitigation methods.  

 The Technical proposals will be evaluated in accordance with the criteria stated below:


Description of Technical Evaluation



Relevant Experience of the applying company/person in research and assessment.



Being familiar with disability issues should be an added value that support the consultant during the preparation of this assessment.



Clarity and soundness of the technical proposal



Process of implementation



Human Resources proposed and committed for the assignment (qualification and experience) + detailed CV



Previous experience working with the INGO’s


 Clarity of the proposal, provision of all required documentation, and innovative delivery are considered as a cross cutting measurement criteria

 2. Financial Proposal (30%)

The financial proposal will contain 30% weight. The bidders shall complete the financial proposal using an excel sheet and submit both the Excel version and the PDF version.  The financial proposal shall demonstrate:

  • Activity costs ( telecommunication, transportation)
  • Administrative costs ( team leader, enumerator, admin/ financial support)
  • Overhead costs and other costs associated with the intervention ( including TVA , printing, etc)
  • Logistic costs 

The financial proposal will be evaluated based on price reasonableness and overall cost.

 Please note that these terms of reference specify that the consulting agency or individual consultant is required to deliver a needs report, and the tools used to survey the needs; However, due to the current conditions in the country or for any other reason, the actual number of beneficiaries interviewed and their needs identified may be less than 2,000, in which case MPDL will compensate the counseling agency or individual consultant for the number of beneficiaries successfully interviewed.

This contract will be implemented over a period of around 3 months from the date of agreement signature - including the preparation phase. The Supplier is responsible for informing the Technical Officer in advance in case of any unforeseen delays or changes. The agreement is tentatively expected to start by 15th of April 2024 and end by 14th of July 2025.

Please send relevant questions to the following contacts of MPDL:

Email: projects.leba[email protected]


And cc: [email protected]

The MPDL will provide feedback on your queries by 14 April 2024

 The deadline for submission of technical and financial proposals is the 8th  of April 2024, 2:00 pm Beirut time,   to be scored according to the technical evaluation table mentioned above combined with the financial proposal.  

 Late applications will not be considered.

Payment schedule:

The Payment will be performed via bank transfer upon satisfactory submission of deliverables to the MPDL.


Monday, 08. Apr 2024
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Disability, Human Rights & Protection
Remuneration range:
> 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
15 April 2024 to 14 July 2024