Call for Recruiting Non-Governmental Organizations - Invitation to Partner - Psychosocial Support and Case Management Program for Children and Youth-PSS Service Providers

Dear esteemed Non-Governmental Organizations,
Kayany Foundation, a renowned organization dedicated to providing quality education and holistic support to vulnerable children and Youth, is seeking to collaborate with a Non-Governmental Organization specialized in delivering Psychosocial support and case management services to children and youth between the ages of 6-16 years old.

Program Overview:

The Shabake 2 Project was designed in the framework of the localization of aid agenda and the need to strengthen Lebanese NGO capacities so that local recipients can take the lead in responding to crises generally and to the Syrian-refugee crisis in Lebanon specifically. It follows the implementation of the Shabake 1 Project which was implemented from 2019 to 2022. The project aims to help local Lebanese non-governmental organizations (NGOs) become lasting, key players in mitigating and ameliorating the effects of the Syrian refugee crisis on Lebanon.
Shabake 2 project is supported by Agence Française de Développement - AFD and the Centre de Crise et De Soutien and implemented by the French public agency for international technical cooperation Expertise France.

1. Psychosocial Support and Life Skills Training for Kayany's Educational Staff: This component involves conducting training sessions for Kayany's educational staff to equip them with essential knowledge and skills related to children's development, social and psychological needs. The training topics will encompass various critical areas, including dealing with loss, managing aggressive behaviors, addressing harassment, discrimination, and domestic violence, as well as promoting positive thinking, communication, critical thinking, and resilience. By empowering our staff, we aim to create a nurturing and supportive environment for our students to thrive.

2. Implementation of Psychosocial Support Program for Students: The primary focus of this component is to provide Group Psychosocial Support Sessions (PSS) program that will be integrated into the daily school schedule. The program will provide students with a safe space to explore their emotional states, build social support networks, and develop coping skills over an extended period. The curriculum will be tailored to offer life skills relevant and applicable to their current context. This program will benefit all students enrolled in the accredited education program at two schools, encompassing a total of 28 sections. Each classroom will receive a minimum of 2 PSS sessions per week, facilitated by the partner NGO's qualified social workers.

Additionally, the program will include One-on-One Consultations and Case Management for students facing special needs or psychological issues. Teachers will identify such students and report the cases to the school's principal, who will then involve the partner NGO's social workers. The social workers will engage in private sessions with the students to address their specific challenges, which may include grief/bereavement, anxiety, depression, stress, family or marital problems, PTSD, and personality disorders. Collaboration with parents will also be essential to provide comprehensive support to the children experiencing mental health and behavioral issues.


Selection criteria for PSS service providers

The selection process will be comprehensive, ensuring that the chosen NGO is equipped to collaborate on the proposed program and contribute to the well-being and resilience of our target beneficiaries. The following criteria will guide our selection process:

  • Expertise in Psychosocial Support and Case Management: Demonstrated experience in designing and implementing psychosocial support and case management programs for children and youth within the specified age range (6-16 years old).
  • Relevant Experience: A track record of successfully executing similar projects that focus on enhancing the well-being, emotional resilience, and life skills of children and youth.
  • Qualified Team: Availability of qualified social workers and professionals who possess the necessary training, certifications, and experience in delivering psychosocial support and case management services.
  • Curriculum and Approach: A well-defined and evidence-based curriculum for both the training of educational staff and the psychosocial support program for students, with a focus on addressing emotional needs, promoting positive behavior, and building life skills.
  • Capacity for Group and Individual Interventions: Demonstrated ability to facilitate group psychosocial support sessions (PSS) that provide a safe space for emotional expression, coping skill development, and building social connections among students/ Proven capability to conduct one-on-one consultations and case management sessions to address the specific needs of individual students.
  • Comprehensive Case Management Approach: A clear strategy for providing one-on-one consultations and case management services that involves communication with parents or guardians to ensure holistic support for students facing psychological or behavioral challenges.
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Contextualization: A demonstrated understanding of the cultural context and unique challenges faced by the children and youth in the program's target area.
  • Timeframe and Resources: The ability to implement the program within the stipulated timeframe and allocate appropriate resources to meet the program's goals.
  • Budget Proposal: A well-structured budget proposal that outlines the financial resources required for program implementation, including staffing, materials, and any other relevant costs.

Applicants are encouraged to provide a detailed proposal that addresses these criteria, demonstrating their organization's suitability for collaboration with the Kayany Foundation. The selection committee will carefully evaluate all proposals to ensure that the chosen NGO can effectively contribute to the successful implementation of the psychosocial support and case management program, ultimately benefiting the vulnerable children and youth we aim to support. Please submit your detailed proposal to the provided email address: [email protected]

Evaluation Grading Criteria for PSS Service Provider Selection:

Qualification/Technical Experience (70%)

Relevant Experience/Proven Impact (20 points):

    • Limited relevant projects: 0 points
    • Moderate relevant projects: 5 points
    • Strong track record: 15 points

Qualified Team (20 points):

    • Insufficient qualifications: 0 points
    • Adequate qualifications: 5 points
    • Highly qualified team: 15 points

Curriculum and Approach (10 points):

    • Unstructured curriculum: 0 points
    • Basic curriculum: 5 points
    • Evidence-based, well-defined curriculum: 15 points

Timeframe and Resources (10 points):

    • Inability to meet timeline or allocate resources: 0 points
    • Partial adherence to timeline and resources: 3 points
    • Full adherence to timeline and resources: 7 points

Cultural Sensitivity and Contextualization (10 points):

    • Limited cultural understanding: 0 points
    • Moderate cultural understanding: 3 points
    • Strong cultural sensitivity: 7 points


Financial offer (30%)


Budget Proposal/ Price Competitiveness (30 points):

    • High price: 0 points
    • Competitive price: 12 points
    • Very competitive price: 18 points

Total Points: 100

Evaluation Scale:

  • 0-44 points: Insufficient fit
  • 45-79 points: Adequate fit
  • 80-100 points: Strong fit


How to apply

If your esteemed organization possesses the expertise and experience in delivering Psychosocial support and case management programs for children and youth, we invite you to express your interest by submitting a detailed proposal to us. The proposal should outline your organization's capacity, relevant experience, and proposed approach to implementing the program within the stipulated timeframe. Please submit your proposal the email address: [email protected]

Saturday, 30. Sep 2023
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Children & Youth, Education, Refugees
Remuneration range:
1000 to 2000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
September 2023 - March 2024