Call for Consultant - Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity

Position: Consultant

Requirement: Developing and delivering a training on cultural diversity and sensitivity

Project: Generation Gender

Time Frame for this assignment: April -May 2024

Duration: 1 month

Location: Beirut

Type of consultancy: training- capacity building




ABAAD– Resource Center for Gender Equality is a UN ECOSOC accredited organization that aims to achieve gender equality as an essential condition to sustainable social and economic development in the MENA region. ABAAD advocates for the development and implementation of policies and laws that enhance women’s effective participation, through a rights-based approach that would bring about tangible change to gender justice. With the purpose of ending gender-based violence, ABAAD adopts a holistic care approach to provide protection and support services to GBV survivors/right holders during times of peace, war and disasters since 2011.



Generation Gender is a five-year program that aims at positively influencing public opinion, laws and policies towards gender justice, as well as strengthening civil society to advocate for gender justice all the while combatting GBV and inequality. More specifically, the program at hand relies on an innovative and inclusive gender-transformative strategy that equips youth leaders and civil society organizations (CSOs) to address the root causes of gender inequality and foster sustainable change. Its goal is to raise public support, advocate for improved policies and laws, and strengthen civil society.



The consultant will be required to develop and deliver a cultural diversity and sensitivity training to a select group of young men and women from various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. This workshop will enable participants to better and more effectively engage communities at the grassroots around topics relating to gender equality and social roles all the while minimizing the likelihood of backlash, push-back, and resistance.



  • Design and develop a training curriculum in Arabic on cultural diversity and sensitivity in collaboration with ABAAD;
  • Ensure the learning materials are accessible and rooted in a participatory active learning approach that incorporates discussions, case studies, demonstration sessions and group activities;
  • Carry out 2 full training days that will result in the following learning outcomes:
    • Participants develop an increased understanding of different sociocultural backgrounds and gain insight into people’s behaviors and expectations. Through this training they are able to build awareness about different cultural norms, values, beliefs and practices;
    • Participants are equipped to utilize culturally sensitive approaches to address controversial topics of discussion;
    • Participants learn how to adapt their facilitation techniques to respond to the specificity of their audience. They are able to communicate clearly, understand different communication styles, read nonverbal cues, and engage in cross-cultural communication;
    • Participants are encouraged to reflect on their own personal biases, assumptions, attitudes, and actions. In doing so, they may recognize how their behaviors can impact others;
    • Participants are able to anticipate and/or mitigate challenges and/or conflict that may emerge in certain settings when tackling specific topics.  
  • Submit a final report detailing achievements, challenges, lessons learnt and main takeaways along with any notable success stories;



  • Applicant is required to have a BA or MA in anthropology, social sciences, psychology, or other related fields;
  • Applicant is required to have experience in delivering trainings on cultural sensitivity;
  • Applicant must have experience working in the development sector –particularly engaging with local communities (experience working with youth is desirable);
  • Applicant must have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the local context in Lebanon;
  • Applicant must possess excellent communication skills in Arabic.


How to apply

Applicants are invited to submit their offer by email to [email protected] with email title "Consultancy – Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity" by May 7, 2024. Your email should contain two files:

  • File 1: Technical
  • File 2: Financial


  • A technical proposal, including:
    • Company name, address, registration, registration and financial number/tax ID.
    • If Individual, registration and tax number/ID
    • A cover letter (maximum one page).
    • A clear outline of the proposed activities to be undertaken to achieve the objectives.
    • A tentative timeline required to complete the course, including key milestones.
    • A Minimum of Two references of humanitarian I/NGO clients for whom similar assignments have been undertaken along with contact person and budget.
    • Portfolio/ Proven track record in rendering similar services/previous experience.
    • CV/profiles of key involved consultants, demonstrating previous experience in the same requested field.
  • A financial proposal in USD including a clear detailed breakdown of all associated costs.



Any questions related to this consultancy should be sent by email to [email protected] with the subject line "Consultancy – Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity".


Tuesday, 07. May 2024
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Gender issues
Remuneration range:
2000 to 3000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
1 Month