This program is designed to enable hardships who due to the magnitude of socio-economic difficulties that are rendering them unable to secure a minimum standard of living. Najdeh

Overall Objectives: 
5- Overall objective: To provide annual social and financial assistance for educational and health care services for the women and their families. 6- Project Objectives 1) Empowering number of Palestinian Refugees in the educational and health levels. 2) Empowering number of Palestinian hardship families throughout different types of educational and psychosocial activities.
a- Providing beneficiaries with the highest need receive educational and health services with the help of a one-time grant b- Number of hardship cases have benefited from one of Najdeh s other programs (vocational Training, domestic Violence, literacy, psychosocial c- Conduct awareness raising activities.
Start Date
Sun, 01/01/1978 - 2:00am
Project Status
Project Timeframe
Intervention Sector(s):
Project Location:
Collaboration with Other Organisations
The Section coordinated with the coordination forum of NGOs working among Palestinian community in Lebanon in representing the forum in some conferences and workshops in the country and abroad, such as Badils conferences, Euro-Med Civil Forum meetings, the Euro-Med Civil Forum in Lebanon., there was Coordination with EPEP, BdtW, and Education Action International. Locally, the section mainly coordinated with People s Rights Movements and institution in organizing Human Rights and Conflict Resolution workshops. Also, there was coordination with the Lebanese Council to Resist Violence against Women in facilitating workshops on the Women