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Legal Action Worldwide (LAW) works towards equality of all before the law and to deliver access to justice to those who need it most – victims and survivors of human rights violations and abuses in conflict-affected and fragile environments. While these people have the greatest need for protection and assistance, they usually have the least access to legal resources. Often such persons may not know that legal assistance exists, and they rarely know what their options are for redress. The result of this has been widespread impunity for serious human rights violations.
Lebanon Programme

Legal Action is fully funded and supported by LAW; using creative legal strategies to increase access to justice for women and girls, and those who have been subjected to sexual and gender-based violence. These strategies are implemented through a combination of legal aid and empowerment, strategic litigation, and targeted legal advocacy
Legal Action’s legal aid lawyers work closely with international lawyers in LAW’s network to develop innovative legal strategies designed to increase access to justice for survivors of sexual violence, people who are stateless, and others who have suffered egregious human rights violations and abuses.


About this Call

Legal Action Worldwide is pleased to announce a series of upcoming trainings starting September for paralegals, lawyers, judges, law enforcement actors and prosecutors.

Some of the trainings that were previously done by Legal Action Worldwide:

  • Statelessness in Lebanon: The Available Legal Remedies to End Statelessness in Lebanon.
  • Strengthening Access to Protection, Participation and Services for Women Refugees, IDPs and Host Communities in Lebanon.
  • Introduction to Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression & Sex Characteristics (SOGIESC).
  • Interviewing Minors’ Survivors of Gender-Based Violence.
  • Protection from Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment. (PSEA)
  • Legal and Psychological Requirements for Evidence Gathering while Interviewing Survivors of Gender-Based Violence.

The trainings are delivered by international and national experts and will be a valuable skill-building opportunity for legal practitioners. All trainings are free of charge.

How to apply

Legal Action is preparing a mailing list of individuals interested in being invited to future legal trainings. Any individuals in your network who may have an interest in this kind of training is kindly invited to fill the below form to be included invitations:

Wednesday, 01. Jun 2022
Type of Call
Call for Participation
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Displaced Population, Gender issues, Human Rights & Protection, Law & Legal Affairs, Migrant Workers, Refugees