Call for tenders - Food Supplies - Cleaning Materials and Groceries

Terms of Reference (ToR) for Online Tender

  1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose The purpose of this document is to outline the terms of reference for the online tender process for Christian Blind Mission - CBM. This tender aims to procure Raw Materials such as Vegetables, Meat, Chicken, Grain, Oil, Water, etc. for the Lebanese Union for People with Physical Disability –Access kitchens in Beqaa , Beirut , South 

1.2 The project aims to support vulnerable people with and without disabilities to be more resilient in times of crisis by strengthening their livelihood and food security and promoting social cohesion at the community level.

1.3 The scope of work for the raw materials tender in Beirut, Bekaa, and South includes the procurement of specified raw materials, ensuring quality, and timely delivery for a project. The key activities involve needs assessment, vendor selection, tender preparation, advertisement, bid evaluation, contract negotiation, award, and quality control. The locations covered are Beirut, Bekaa, and South, with the primary deliverables being the procurement of compliant raw materials and a detailed procurement report. The timeline will align with the tender documents and project schedules.

  1. Tender Timeline

The timeline for the tender process, including, deadlines, dates for bid submissions, evaluations, and contract awards is one month after the advertisement day.

  1. Eligibility Criteria

Only experienced suppliers in the field are eligible to apply, by providing their company legal documents, samples of previous contracts, and any other additional contract to support the request. Suppliers who can only provide the needed quantity when requested are exclusively eligible

  1. Tender Documents

Please refer to the attached Annex A at the end of the document for guidance

  1. Submission Requirements

5.1. Proposals should be submitted under PDF Format, referring to the request in the Annex A, signed and stamped by the company

5.2. Submission Deadline is February 5, 2024

5.3. Proposals are requested to be submitted to our online portal, to the following email: [email protected] mentioning “RFT – Kitchen Raw Materials – LUPD” in the subject of the email. (Please specify the location you are capable of delivering to).

  1. Evaluation Criteria

Evaluations will be technically done based on the reputation of the company, quality of the products provided, and the delivery estimated time, and financially based on the best value of money.


  1. Contract Award

After the evaluation, based on the criteria mentioned previously, winners will be contacted and invited for a negotiation and contract finalizing meeting.

  1. Confidentiality

Confidentiality in the procurement process is secure to maintain fairness and trust. Organizations require bidders to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and protect sensitive information in tender documents, including project details and pricing. Bidders should ensure secure handling and limited disclosure within their organization. Breaches may result in disqualification or legal action. While strict confidentiality is essential, there should be defined exceptions and compliance with relevant laws is vital. Overall, maintaining confidentiality ensures integrity and transparency in procurement.

  1. Questions and Clarifications

Questions and clarifications are accepted one week after the advertisement day, exclusive and limited to raw materials only. Any other questions related to any offer will not be answered.

  1. Amendments and Updates

Amendments might take place if sufficient numbers of offers are not received, or in the event of suspicion of collusion or fraud

  1. Disqualification and Rejection

Bidders that don’t abide by the submission requirements mentioned above will be disqualified. Offers beyond the deadlines will be rejected, and questions will not be answered.


How to apply

All communications are requested to be done through the following email only: [email protected] . Calls and messages are rejected and will not be answered and considered.



Monday, 05. Feb 2024
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