ToR - Consultant to support Damascus Chamber of Industry to define a sustainable business model and operations of the Adra Industrial Technical Training Center


The Adra Training Center

The Damascus Chamber of Industry (DCI) plays an essential role to ensure private sector development in the Syrian Arab Republic.  DCI aims at supporting the growth of industrial sector and represents manufacturers in meetings with policy makers with the objective of creating a business environment conducive to private sector development and job creation. DCI is upgrading the industrial technical training centre in Adra, (the “Adra Center”). DCI requires the services of a consultant to design a comprehensive business model and operational plan for the Adra Center.

The Adra Center aims to provide high-quality technical training programs to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge required for successful careers in Syria’s growing industrial sector. The Damascus Chamber of Industry with ILO support had conducted a preliminary feasibility study to identify market opportunities and minimum requirement to start running the training centre. The ILO supported a training of selected trainers as well on occupational safety and health and has provided some basic equipment enabling the centre to start its operations.

Damascus Chamber of Industries seeks to reflect on the operational model and to define a financial business model that ensures the Adra Centre’s long-term sustainability and its ability to deliver impactful training programs in OSH, business management and entrepreneurship, three main areas preidentified in the feasibility study.

 Objectives of the assignment

The ILO and DCI seek to recruit a consultant to is to develop a detailed business model and operational plan for the Adra Center. This plan should encompass the following:

Market Analysis: Verify the main findings of the prefeasibility study initially conducted and validate these main findings with the industrial and business community in Adra and countryside Damascus. This check will include at least 4 focus groups discussions (industrialists, business owners, job seekers and university students) as the main potential clients from the Adra industrial community and Greater Damascus industrial sector. The final study will validate the current and future skills demands, main clients based on industrial needs and additional incomes sources contributing to the financial sustainability of the centre and its operations.

Operational Framework: Design a comprehensive operational plan outlining minimum staffing requirements, administrative procedures, marketing strategies, quality assurance measures, and student support services.

Training Programs: Identify and design a minimum of 5 different technical training programs aligned with industry requirements and qualifications frameworks, based on the equipment’s available, trainings need identified, expertise available within DCI or among their main partners and in the region (including ILO).

Delivery Methods: Recommend effective methods for delivering the training programs, including traditional classroom instruction, work based learning and practical workshops.

Business model and financial projections: Develop a financial model that forecasts the Adra centre’s revenue streams, operational costs, and potential profitability.


The Consultant shall deliver the following documents in English and Arabic:

An initial kick off and validation meeting with main members of the Damascus Chamber of Industry and business owners from the Adra Industrial zone with a detailed presentation of the working plan, deliverables and methodology.

An updated feasibility study of the Adra industrial training centre integrating at least 4 focus groups discussions and interviews with main stakeholders involved.

An operational plan for the sustainable management of the Centre, including organigramme, basic operational guidelines and management procedures based on international best practices.

A comprehensive report outlining the business model and operational plan for the Adra Center. The report should include detailed descriptions of the market analysis, target audience, training programs, delivery methods, financial projections, and operational framework.

Financial modelling taking into account an optimistic and pessimistic scenario in a format usable the management of the Center and the DCI.

Consultant Qualifications

The Consultant should possess the following qualifications:

Proven experience in designing and implementing business models for vocational training institutions.

In-depth knowledge of the Syrian education system and technical training landscape.

Expertise in conducting market analysis and identifying industry skill requirements.

Experience in curriculum development and instructional design for technical training programs.

Strong financial modelling skills and experience in developing financial projections.

Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Excellent Arabic and English writing skills


Timeframe and payment calendar

The assignment and all their deliverables are expected to be completed withing 3 months from the contract signing date. 

Please check the attached ToR for detailed information about the deliverables, work days effort, estimated date of delivery.

In case of missions to Damascus, the consultant will require previous written authorization from ILO and UNDSS clearance. The travel costs and accommodations will be borne by ILO (subject to agreed UN thresholds) to a maximum number of 7 days during the contract and based on reimbursement upon the submission of the receipts and invoices of the expenses approved by ILO.


The Consultant will work under the guidance of the ILO Senior specialist, Employers’ activities from the Regional ILO office for the Arab States and the General Manager of DCI and the supervision of the ILO team. He/she will work in close coordination with the Syria country coordinator and the Occupational Safety and Health Specialist based in Beirut.

How to apply

The ILO will shortlist qualified consultants based on the submitted proposals. Shortlisted consultants may be invited for presentations or interviews. ILO will select the consultant with the most relevant experience and qualifications for this project. Interested candidates should send a short technical and financial proposal to Mr. José Manuel Medina Checa, [email protected] by maximum 29th May 2024.


The Consultant will treat all information received from this assignment as confidential.

Wednesday, 29. May 2024
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