International Alert is seeking qualified taxi service providers to submit proposals for the provision of transportation services. The selected provider will be responsible for delivering safe, reliable, and efficient transportation solutions to meet International Alert's operational requirements across various locations, including Beirut, Tripoli, Akkar, Kesrwan, Jounieh, Maten, Beirut, Chouf, Marjaaoun, Ein lhlwe, Sour, Aabasiyeh, and Marjaaoun.


About the Organization

International Alert is one of the world's leading peacebuilding organizations, with 30 years of experience supporting communities, and advising governments, organizations, and companies on how to build peace. Alert works with people in conflict-affected and conflict-threatened areas to make a positive difference for peace; improve the substance and implementation of international policies relevant to peacebuilding; and strengthen the peacebuilding sector.


1. Scope of Services:

The selected taxi service provider will be responsible for offering transportation services to International Alert Organization staff. The services required include, but are not limited to:


-Point-to-point transportation within the city, including official meetings and events.

-Transportation for field visits and project-related activities.

-On-demand transportation requests as per the organization's requirements.


2. Requirements:

 To be eligible for consideration, service providers must meet the following requirements:


-Legal Compliance: Possession of all relevant licenses, permits, and registrations required by local authorities to operate taxi services.


-Insurance: Comprehensive insurance coverage for all vehicles and passengers, with valid insurance certificates provided.


-Professional Drivers: Well-trained, courteous drivers with excellent knowledge of local routes, traffic regulations, and customer service skills.


-Safety Standards: Implementation of safety protocols to always ensure the security and well-being of passengers.


-Accessibility: Availability of accessible vehicles for passengers with disabilities, as needed


-Availability: Ability to provide services round-the-clock, including weekends and holidays, with prompt response times.


3. Payment Method:

Payment will be made via bank transfer or fresh dollar cheque at the end of each month. The payment details will be provided by International Alert upon acceptance of the proposal.



4. Free Cancellation Policy:

The company is expected to offer a free cancellation policy for taxi service reservations. This policy should allow International Alert staff to cancel their reservations without incurring any charges.


5. Long-Term Agreement:

International Alert is seeking to establish a one-year long-term agreement with the selected company to provide recurring transportation services. The initial contract will cover ongoing transportation needs, with the possibility of renewal based on satisfactory performance.


6. Proposal Submission:

Proposals must be submitted no later than March 17, 2024.



7. Proposal Evaluation:

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


-Compliance with requirements and specifications outlined in the tender document.

-Quality and suitability of the proposed fleet and drivers.

-Pricing competitiveness.

-Company reputation.

-Ability to meet the organization's needs efficiently and effectively.

How to apply

All proposals should be submitted to [email protected] by March 17, 2024.


International Alert reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal and is not obligated to select the lowest bidder. The decision will be communicated to the selected Company after the evaluation process is completed.


Sunday, 17. Mar 2024
Type of Call
Calls for Tenders
Intervention Sector(s):
Peace & Security
Remuneration range:
5000 to 6000 (USD)