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SHiFT is a social innovation hub leading the transformation of post-conflict and/or marginalised zones towards peaceful and prosperous communities. It brings people together and bridges differences through building capacities, raising awareness, creating opportunities, promoting success models and mentoring.  

SHiFT has 3 centres, one on the previous conflict frontlines in Qobbeh, Tripoli.  One in Mina, Tripoli and one in Mar Mikhael, Beirut – established after the Beirut blast. The centres provide a neutral space for people to meet and participate in different activities. 

SHiFT has 4 main programs that especially target persons from post-conflict/vulnerable areas. We strive to create opportunities for persons who due to different reasons are vulnerable, for example, youth who due to economic marginalisation face limited opportunities, persons whose ability to work is affected by disability and women who face challenges to secure sustainable livelihoods due to gender-based constraints. 

The programs are:   

  • Tatweer program: supporting businesses to grow, by providing business development support and in-kind grants to existing and new nano, micro and small businesses located in Tripoli, in addition to restoring access to economic opportunities to the affected NMSMEs following the Beirut blast Beirut. 
  • Tamteen program: supporting the self-development of individuals to increase their chances of finding employment by providing training, coaching, mentoring and job placement services. 
  • Tasaloh program: facilitating/incubating peace and reconciliation initiatives. SHiFT’s community engagement and peacebuilding component incubates and hosts several initiatives or committees that work for social cohesion and reconciliation in the area. 
  • Tadamon program: Providing Mental Health support and addressing the protection needs of at-risk individuals through implementing different Community-Based Psycho-Social Support (CBPSS) activities

Our centre has an Incubation centre, that offers business incubation services to local start-ups, entrepreneurs and social initiatives; a social kitchen; a rooftop space; a cinema; Diwan; a media lab (Shadda); a digital lab; and a design lab (7orfa) that offer modern facilities for start-ups, artists, designers and young media professionals. We also offer these spaces for rent to other organisations, in addition to the 10 training/meeting rooms of different sizes that can be rented as co-working spaces or for meetings, training and events.

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Local Civil Society Organisation
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Labor & Livelihoods
Social & Cultural Development
Training & Capacity Building
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Baqar st
Tripoli , North Lebanon
Phone: +96179111247
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The English Trainer is expected to conduct and encourage English learning to the trainees, the English business course is to support the trainees in the job market after finalized this course. The trainer should assist to deliver this content and help the trainees to be ready for a job.

Thursday, 29 February 2024

The Trainer is to equip trainees with the essential computer skills, including but not limited to:

Operating Systems (windows, MacOS)
Word Processing (Microsoft Word, Google Docs)
Spreadsheet Software (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and Clouds)
Internet Browsing and Email Communication.
Basic troubleshooting and Maintenance.

Thursday, 29 February 2024


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A Psychosocial Support Facilitator is a professional responsible for providing psychological and emotional support to individuals or groups facing various forms of distress, trauma, or crisis. This role is crucial in helping people cope with challenging life situations, such as disasters, conflicts, or personal crises.

They play a vital role in promoting the emotional and psychological well-being of individuals or communities in distress. They provide counseling, guidance, and support to help people cope with trauma, stress, and other psychosocial challenges.

Friday, 5 April 2024

The Senior Accountant will be responsible for overseeing the financial activities of the organization. He/She is in charge of preparing, recording, reconciling and analyzing the accounting records and financial reports of the organization/other structure under his/her responsibility. This role involves maintaining accurate financial records, assisting in preparing financial reports, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and providing support to the finance team. The Senior Accountant will work closely with other departments to support financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Thursday, 28 March 2024


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