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28/04/2020 - 12:59م

SHiFT is a social innovation hub leading the transformation of post-conflict and/or marginalised zones towards peaceful and prosperous communities. It brings people together and bridges differences through building capacities, raising awareness, creating opportunities, promoting success models and mentoring. 

SHiFT has a community-center on one of the previous conflict frontlines in Qobbeh, Tripoli.  The centre provides a neutral space for people to meet and participate in activities.

SHiFT has three main programs that especially target persons from post-conflict areas (Qobbeh, Jabal Mohsen, Bab Al-Tabbeneh). We strive to create opportunities for persons who due to different reasons are vulnerable, for example youth who due to economic marginalisation face limited opportunities, persons whose ability to work is affected by disability and women who face challenges to secure sustainable livelihoods due to gender-based constraints. The programs are:

Tatweer program: providing business development support and in-kind grants to existing and new nano, micro and small businesses.

Tamteen program: providing training, coaching, mentoring and job placement services to individuals.

Tasaloh program: facilitating/incubating peace and reconciliation initiatives. 

Our centre has also a social kitchen, a rooftop space, a media lab (Shadda) and a design lab (7orfa) that offer modern facilities for start-ups, artists, designers and young media professionals. We also offer these spaces for rent to other organisations, in addition to the 10 training/meeting rooms of different sizes that can be rented as co-working spaces or for meetings, trainings and events.

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Production of short video for “Supporting local social stability mechanisms in Beddawi” Project
For various communication purposes, SHiFT is developing video content to illustrate the different stages of the community project implementation (before, during and after)

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The NMSMEs Officer is responsible for the implementation of the Nano, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (NMSMEs) program in Beirut. S/he will follow-up on the day-to day tasks related to the components, carrying out the activities, and ensure proper monitoring and follow-up is made on field level. S/he will ensure that activities in this component contribute to achieving key deliverables, including improved business development for NMSMEs.

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The purpose of this service is to hire a Psychologist will be responsible for ensuring that Shift delivers technically thorough protection programming, with a focus on community-level mechanisms.
H/She will be responsible for ensuring that key organizational principles and approaches are well integrated throughout the project cycle, as well as develop strategic partnerships with governmental institutions, civil society organizations, and relevant private institutions.

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