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GAME Background 

GAME is working for social change through youth-led street sports and culture in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.
GAME establishes innovative facilities, offers youth-leader’s trainings as coaches and role models in street sports and civil society and gives them the opportunity to use entrepreneurship to make positive changes for themselves and for peers and children. 

GAME is a top 150 NGO with nearly 20 years of experience in lowering the threshold to the positive social communities of street sports and culture. Together with likeminded partners GAME is empowering children and youth from vulnerable areas and refugee settings. 


GAME will treat the content of all tenders/quotations as being confidential and information provided in the tenders will be used for the purpose of deciding on the award of a contract as described in this document. 


GAME Lebanon Wishes to enter into (a) non-exclusive Long-Term Agreement(s) ("LTA") for sport equipment and supplies. 

General Terms and Conditions 

GAME will accept the most appropriate offer based on quality, expertise, cost effectiveness and capacity for timely and flexible delivery. 

GAME will not be liable for any costs or expenses incurred in the preparation of a tender or quotation. 



Conflict of Interest 

Any conflicts of interest involving an applicant must be fully disclosed to GAME. Failure to disclose a conflict may disqualify an application or invalidate an award of the contract. 

Agreement Period 

The agreement shall start the date of awarding for a period of Three years with the possibility of extension. 

How to apply

Application, Documents and Offer 

Applicants apply through this LINKThe needed documents to be uploaded (in PDF format) in the link are the following: 

Administrative documents: 

• Copy of Commercial circular, Commercial register and tax registration.
• Copy of ID of the authorized signatory 

Technical documents: 

  • Portfolio 
  • Any other information/documents/pictures considered useful 

Financial documents: 

  • The bid shall be based on list of specifications and prices. 
  • The currency for the bid shall be in US Dollars 
  • Any other expenses should also be included in the above rates and prices. No additional expenses will be covered. 


Applicants should apply through this Link before 14 April, 2024. GAME procurement committee will review the bids and select one or more of the bidders based on the quality-price analysis of the different offers. Selected supplier(s) will be informed, and GAME procurement committee will offer the agreement (LTA) to the most qualified supplier/s. 

Contact for Clarification 

For clarification you can contact Mr. Mostapha Salloum via email [email protected] or call GAME Lebanon office on +9613830418 to appoint a clarification meeting. 


Offers must be received by latest 11:59 pm (Beirut time) on 14 April, 2024 Offers received after 14 April, 202411:59 pm or not sent through the Link will be invalidated. 


Annex 1 “Item’s list”
Annex 2 “Long Term Agreement” 

Sunday, 14. Apr 2024
Type of Call
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Intervention Sector(s):
Children & Youth, Sports & Recreation