1. Background information about the EuroMed Feminist Initiative


EuroMed Feminist Initiative (EFI) is a policy platform that provides expertise in the field of gender equality, democracy building and citizenship, and advocates for political solutions to all conflicts, and peoples´ rights to self-determination.  The Headquarters are in Paris, with offices in Amman, Beirut and Erbil. You can visit our website to know more about our work: www.efi-ife.org  


Since 2007, EuroMed Feminist Initiative has worked with women´s rights activists in Syria and has supported the building of a large network of Syrian women´s rights defenders, supporting women´s rights organizations and activists who stand up and advocate for gender equality and women´s rights as central to a sustainable peace in Syria. In the frame of the projects “Supporting political transition in Syria through gender-sensitive social reconstruction” (2021-2023) funded by the Swedish International Cooperation and Development Agency (SIDA) EFI seeks to launch a social media campaign promoting gender equality and zero tolerance to VAWG, and to end Victim Blaming.


  1. Context


EFI is planning to launch an Advocacy Campaign on elimination of discrimination against women and girls in law and on the adoption of a comprehensive law on Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). The campaign will be built as a dynamic online initiative, in collaboration with Syrian partners. Through compelling videos and infographics on social media, it aims to reach a broad audience, sparking discussions and garnering support within local communities. Additionally, it aims to offer a platform to Syrian partners in advocating for alternative laws. The campaign will unite their message through coordinated social media and website posts, working towards legal reform and the protection of women and girls' rights.


All campaign materials should be ready for launching no later than the 15th of December. After the preparation stage, the campaign will be launched on all social media channels and will last for an estimate duration of 7 days.

  1. Required services

EFI is in search of a specialized communication and media agency with a focus on the South Mediterranean Region, and with prior experience in projects with a focus on human or women’s rights. Their task is to design and execute a compelling and results-driven online campaign. The chosen agency should demonstrate a solid track record in managing digital campaigns. The campaign's scope encompasses:


  • Crafting the visual identity of the campaign in alignment with EFI's existing visual brand.
  • Creating visual content to complement posts on social media platforms.
  • Developing videos that can be published on social media.
  • Formulating messaging tailored for EFI's various social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Developing infographics and several media posts based on the data provided by EFI.


  • Scope of assignment and required profile of the communication agency


The campaign, which will focus on the elimination of discrimination against women and girls in law and on adopting comprehensive law on VAWG, and which will be developed in collaboration with Syrian partners, requires a communication agency to lead its implementation. This campaign should consider the unique Syrian context while aligning with EFI's expertise and principles. Therefore, the chosen agency must meet the following criteria:

  • A demonstrated track record in digital campaigns, encompassing skills and expertise in strategizing and sponsoring online communication, crafting content for social media, creating tailored banner advertisements for various social media platforms, developing visual branding and publications, as well as producing videos, animations, and illustrations.
  • Experience in the creation of content related women’s rights, equality between women and men, and VAWGs desired.
  • Prior experience with the non-for-profit sector is a requirement. Prior experience with women’s rights organisations is highly desired.
  • A strong command of both the Arabic and English languages is essential.
  • A track record of engaging with audiences in the MENA region is essential especially within the Syrian context.


  1. Objectives of the campaign


  • Raise awareness on discrimination against women and girls in the legal system and the need for developing and adopting comprehensive laws addressing VAWG in Syria, including initiating and sustaining meaningful dialogues with local communities through social media campaigns, videos, and infographics.
  • Inform the international community on the actions led by women’s rights organisations in addressing legal discrimination against women and girls.
  • To continue advocating for changes in the existing legislation, by showcasing the actions supporting partner organisations in developing and implementing local initiatives.
  • Mobilise online support and engaging a wider audience, by using social media campaigns effectively, creating engaging videos, and sharing informative infographics to reach a wider demographic and encourage support engendering the legislation in Syria.


  1. Role and responsibilities of the communication agency


The communication agency is expected to provide the following services:

6.1. Strategic Planning and Assessment

  • Develop an all-encompassing strategy that includes defining target audiences, formulating messaging, planning activities, content creation, and a precise implementation timeline.
  • Provide regular metrics on campaign progress and post-by-post performance on a monthly and weekly basis.
  • Measure the reach out and impact


6.2. Designing the visual identity of the campaign

  • Proposing different layouts in keeping with EFI’s visual identity and the global aim of the campaign.

6.3. Production of videos and infographics

  • Developing the scripts for the videos.
  • Drafting the content.
  • Production of several short videos.
  • Production of a longer video, highlighting the experience of Syrian partners in combating VAWG.
  • Production of infographics based on data provided by EFI.
  • Strategy posting for social media and broad outreach and measuring the impact.

6.4. Social media content creation

  • Developing a social media strategy posting
  • Designing 8-10 messages accompanied with visuals.
  • Incorporate the infographics in the social media posts.

6.5. Audience Engagement and Assessment

  • Encourage active engagement to boost the campaign's visibility and continually monitor performance levels and the demographics reached.
  • Deliver a comprehensive analytical report on the campaign, providing insights into its performance, the number and categories of audiences engaged, and other relevant metrics, measuring the impact.

6.6. Multilingual Approach

  • Ensure that campaign materials are available in multiple languages, catering to the linguistic diversity of the region and broadening its accessibility.
  1. Timeframe


From 17th of November until 21st of December, with final materials being needed by the 15th of December, and with posting time being between the 15th and the 31st of December 2023.

  1. Selection process

Proposals will be evaluated in two distinct phases:

  • In the initial phase, the technical offers will be assessed, accounting for 50% of the evaluation score and taking place prior to the review of the financial offers. This evaluation will consider two primary factors: i) the proposal's relevance and creativity and ii) the profile and experience of the bidder.
  • Subsequently, in the second phase, the financial offers will be evaluated, accounting for the remaining 50% of the total score. This step occurs after the approval of the technical evaluation.The cumulative technical and financial scores will be used to determine the proposal that offers the best value for money.


How to apply

Technical and financial offers should be submitted in two separate documents and include a detailed breakdown for each of the expected deliverable as listed in Article 5.


Technical and financial offers should be submitted in English by email to:  [email protected] indicating the reference: “Digital Communication Campaign-2023” in the e-mail subject.

Wednesday, 15. Nov 2023
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
Intervention Sector(s):
Conflict Resolution, Democracy & Civic rights