Public Call for Tender nb. 91175423- Occupational Safety Equipment - 16.2088.9-001.00 EPL

GIZ -EPL project is pleased to invite your reputable company to participate in our tender no. 91175423 for Occupational Safety Equipment.

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Brief information on the EPL project

Lebanon has been facing a severe financial and economic crisis since late 2019. Around 78 % of people live below the poverty line (UN, 2021). These challenges were exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and the explosion in the Beirut port in 2020. Another crisis emerged as a result of the war in Ukraine, which has caused additional supply chain disruptions.

Young people in Lebanon are particularly affected by unemployment. While many have lost their job because of the crises, those coming into the labour market are of struggle with limited vacancies. In addition, young people often lack the skills required by those employers that are still hiring. In Lebanon, women face legal, economic, social, and cultural barriers that negatively impact their socio-economic participation. They are more likely to work in precarious jobs and be at risk of poverty. In addition, women mostly take over child-raising and housework. Disability is both a cause and an effect of poverty: poor people are more likely to have a disability because of the conditions in which they live, and disability can result in poverty due to limited opportunities for skills development and employment. Micro-, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have been particularly affected by these crises, with many of them facing challenges to survive. Hence, they also struggle to offer income to their employees and owners.

Seeking to improve the employment situation of young Lebanese adults (aged 17 to 35), women, and people with disabilities in Beirut and Mount Lebanon, the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) commissioned the Project “Employment Promotion in Lebanon (EPL)”.

The project started implementing in February 2022 by identifying employment opportunities for young adults, women and persons with disabilities, and designing activities to increase their employability, facilitate their transition to decent employment or support their ability to stay in a job.

The project also has designed activities to enable the business environment and company-specific support for MSMEs in selected job-creating sectors to improve their competitive position, leading to better working conditions, safeguarding existing jobs and/or creating new ones.The project’s interventions are implemented through private sector economic and business associations as well as Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) that have experience in developing and implementing measures to promote employment and supporting MSMEs, and that can effectively serve the project beneficiaries.


Context & objective

This tender aims at supporting the EPL project by supplying the companies (MSMEs) they are working with and the additionally provided ones, with safety material and equipment and deliver them to the entities in timely manner. These supplied equipment will ensure occupational health and safety in workplaces and contribute to the imporovment of working conditions of the individuals and the development of the companies.

Prior to all goods delivery, the supplier is required to split the goods in 20 different batches, i. e. each item is to be divided by 20 and delivered in one of the 20 designated companies.

GIZ team will inspect, approve, and advise in case of needed modifications. The products will be delivered in coordination with the respective project members and to the respective locations of the companies specified after contract award by the project. The locations will be in Beirut and Mount Lebanon regions.



Interested bidders can request the tender documents  by sending an email to: [email protected]

Kindly include the following in the subject line: Company Name - Tender 91175423 - EPL.

Deadline for requesting the tender documents is : Monday September 25th 2023 at 14:00.


The Tender Documents consist of:

  • Annex 1 Financial offer template
  • Annex 2 Terms of Reference 
  • Annex 3 Bill of Quantities
  • Annex 4 Elegibility Grid 
  • Annex 5 Evaluation Grid 
  • Annex 6 General terms and conditions
  • Annex 7 Self declaration EU – Russia sanctions

How to apply

We request full conformity with all conditions/ general terms as mentioned below and would like to point out that non-conformity could lead to the exclusion of your offer.

1- The offer shall be sent in two separate emails to: [email protected]

2- The two emails sent are; one for the Technical Offer/Proposal and another for the Financial Offer. Your emails shall be named as follows: 

  -Company name/Technical offer/ Our inquiry number:91175423

  -Company name/ Financial offer/ Our inquiry number: 91175423

3- The offers shall be submitted in English language only.

4- The offers shall be signed, dated and stamped.

5- Refurbished items are not acceptable.

6- GIZ has the right to buy in lots.

7- All manuals must be delivered in English.

8- Requested warranty time: Not Applicable

9- Requested Delivery Period: One Month from PO signature.

10-The offer should include transportation and installation fees.

11- GIZ has the right to request a sample check for the mentioned items after the offer has been submitted.

12- Please quote your prices bearing in mind that a penalty of 1/2 % of the total purchase order sum will be deducted on each delayed week calculated from the due date of delivery.



Technical and Financial Proposals in two separate emails:

1-Technical Proposals, which consists of:

  • Technical proposal shall be sent as PDF file including the complete and detailed description of the items as per the inquiry.
  • Technical proposal shall be signed, dated, and stamped.
  • Company’s Portfolio including the board members.
  • Company’s legal documents, company registration and MoF registration.
  • GIZ general purchase conditions signed, dated, and stamped.
  • Self-declaration EU-Russia sanctions signed, dated, and stamped.
  • Kindly note that any price indication of any item in the technical offer may lead to disqualification.


2-Financial Proposals, which should consist of:

  • Financial proposal in USD including Taxes/VAT.
  • Financial Offer should be Valid for: Four Months from PO date
  • Financial proposal includes the date and the company’s Tax registration number at the Ministry of Finance.
  • The financial proposal shall clearly indicate the price of the overall tender and the price for each of each item.
  • Bank account details of the company inside Lebanon.



- Please note that in case you did not receive any notification in writing within 4 weeks after the deadline for submitting the offers, it shall indicate that your offer has not been accepted. You shall not receive a separate notice to this effect.   

- The bidders shall not be reimbursed for their submitted offers.

- Sending your offers to any other email address or non-compliance with any of the mentioned conditions will result in rejecting your participation in this tender.

- All Products / items with Origin Russia or Belarus are not accepted by GIZ Office and Project due to sanction list against Russia and Belarus.

Friday, 29. Sep 2023
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