Charity Donation celebrates the Nurses day

Every since the COVID-19 pandemic started in November 2019, countries tuned upside down in order to respond to a global health crisis. The main concerns of the world, shifted from economic and luxury, to personal health and sanity. We came to an understanding that a persons health is a far underestimated blessing while the health and sanity of nations is not taking at the level needed. Even with talks about an international virus killing people randomly, global coalitions never took it serious enough having economic gains and, politics at the center focus while scientific research and medical equipment stayed at a relative norm.To the Lebanese medical team, a big salute and a bow of honor.

In Lebanon, after a major revolution eruption in October 2019, calling all corrupt out of a draining system, the country was envisioning a steep downfall ever since. However, when the pandemic knocked Lebanon's door no one knew what of a crisis it can cause knowing that the country was already in a major .

One cannot deny the Lebanese Medical teams role, whereas with everything envisioning the country, their educational level and expertise showed a relative high.

To the Lebanese medical team, a big salute and a bow of honor.

As two us, we can never sit still, thus we took a decision to visit one of the hospitals to honor all working teams as a token of respect from our side.

On Friday May 22nd, 2020, a group of Charity Donation volunteers went to The Libano-Francaise hospital in Zahle, where the owner’s daughter was to receive them. The team explained Charity Donation’s main mission and, as a token of respect to the devotion of the medical team in these exceptional times, 100 boxes of our Love Bites healthy snacks were donated.

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14/07/2020 - 9:35pm
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Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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