RFQ - 01890 - Long Term PHCC Subsidization Protocol (LPSP) Consultant


Amel Association International (Amel) is a Lebanese and non-sectarian NGO created in 1979. Amel works through 30 centers, 6 mobile medical units, 2 mobile education units and 1 mobile protection unit, and for more than 40 years has supported the poorest regions of Lebanon, from Beirut and its South Suburbs to Mount Lebanon, Bekaa and South Lebanon. Amel offers accessible services for all in the following fields: food security, health, education, protection, child protection, gender-based violence, livelihood, promotion and protection of human rights, rural development.

Scope of Work

Amel’s Health Department is looking for a Long Term PHCC Subsidization Protocol (LPSP) Trainer – Consultant to build the capacity of the Head Quarters staff and PHCC’s staff regarding the new model in Primary Healthcare settings by delivering a set of 9 full-day trainings.

LPSP will focus on three main areas: Primary Healthcare Services packages (Reproductive Health, Non- Communicable Diseases, Communicable health, Mental Health Services, and Disability basic services), prevention (vaccination, malnutrition screening, NCD screening) and system strengthening (capacity building of staff, quality outcome performance incentives).    

Request for clarification

Only for clarifications, bidders are required to submit any request for clarification in respect of this RFQ by to Mohamad El Zayed via email: [email protected]. The deadline for receipt of question is 13/07/2023

The questions from all the suppliers would be consolidated by Mohamad El Zayed and answered collectively. To ensure that the same level of information is conveyed equally to all participating suppliers, response to a question raised by one supplier can be shared with all the other suppliers.

All communications within the context of the RFQ, other than commercial offer, should be strictly routed through Mr. Mohamad El Zayed via email: [email protected].

Terms of reference (TOR)

Please refer to:

  1. Attached - Annex A - TOR-LPSP-HQ-001
  2. Attached - Annex A’ - TOR-LPSP-PHCCs-002

Period of validity

Your quotations should be valid and binding for at least for 30 days from the date of submission of the RFQ.


Under no circumstances is the service provider allowed to sub-contract any of the services quoted above without informing Amel, failure to abide by this results in immediate contract termination.


All information shared by Amel including patient name, age, differential diagnosis and patient ID are confidential and shall not be shared with any external parties. Failure to respect patient privacy would result in immediate contract termination.

Terms of payment

Upon the receipt of an invoice including list of purchased supplies, description and prices, Amel would within 10 days pay the requested amounts after the validation by the finance officer and project coordinator.

How to apply

We would appreciate receiving your complete bids on or before 15/07/2023 strictly to procurement department via email: [email protected].

Required documents:

  • Please provide your detailed Commercial and Technical offers along with your execution methodology.
  • Currency: Please submit your offer in USD ONLY
  • Company profile, if applicable
  • Company registration documents, if applicable
  • If your firm is not register with Amel, you should complete, sign and submit the Vendor Pre-Qualification Form “Annex B”, if applicable
  • Please Acknowledge the attached “Annex C” Amel Suppliers Pact of Conduct. Offers that don't contain your acknowledgment of Amel Suppliers Pact of Conduct will result in disqualification of your offer.
  • Please Acknowledge the attached “Annex D” – Statement of Integrity.
Saturday, 15. Jul 2023
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Remuneration range:
3000 to 4000 (USD)