Consultancy to Develop a Communication Strategy

1. Background

The Women’s Programs Association (WPA) is a non-governmental non-profit organization registered in the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities in 2008 under license number 344. WPA targets Palestinian refugee women and youth in eight camps throughout Lebanon with a wide range of activities to build their capacity, skills, knowledge and assets to develop themselves and their families and widen their opportunities for employment and decent life. The activities focus on: - Protection through life skills including variety of topics and psycho-social support, listening centers services, mental health individual and group awareness and access to safe space; - Livelihood in terms of career counselling, vocational and soft skills training, entrepreneurship training, and support for employment; - Education by providing targeted support to drop-out children and children at-risk of dropping out; - Social cohesion targeting local community through conflict transformation. - Prevention awareness from health hazards, nutrition awareness on healthy cooking on low budget, humanitarian relief support and recreational activities. Additionally, WPA has in its centers community kitchen run by women, which provides catering services and Gyms for girls and women.


The objective of this consultancy is to outsource a communication consultant (individual or company) who will be responsible for developing a comprehensive communication strategy and implementation plan for the Women’s Programs Association. The objective of the strategy is to enhance WPA’s visibility and its communication channels with stakeholders including employees, donors, partners, and beneficiaries.


The Consultant should develop a communication strategy and develop a roadmap for its implementation. The consultant should collaborate with WPA’s communication team and other relevant employees to ensure that the plan aligns with the organization's overall, values, mission and goals and is expected to conduct a review of existing practices, communication channels and key areas that require improvement.

The expected communication strategy should include the following elements.

Policy Document

 Communication Policy: The consultant should develop a communication policy that outlines WPA’s communication standards, guidelines, and procedures. The policy should cover areas such as communication ethics, data protection, media relations, crisis communication, and stakeholder engagement. It should also provide guidance on how to ensure that all communication efforts align with the NGO's overall mission, values, and goals.


 Branding Identity: The Consultant should develop a brand identity that reflects WPA’s values, mission, and vision. The brand identity should include a logo, tagline, and visual identity guidelines that can be used across all communication channels. The Consultant should also provide recommendations on how to maintain and update the brand identity over time.

 Visibility Plan: The Consultant should develop a visibility plan that outlines how WPA can increase its visibility through targeted communication efforts. The plan should identify key messages, target audiences, and communication channels that can help the NGO reach its communication goals. It should also provide recommendations for developing communication materials, such as brochures, newsletters, and annual reports.

Communication Channels

 Internal Communication Plan: The consultant should develop an internal communication plan that outlines how WPA can improve communication between departments and teams. The plan should identify communication tools, channels, and processes that can enhance knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and feedback.

 External Communication Plan: The consultant should develop an external communication plan that outlines how WPA can engage with its various stakeholders, including donors, partners, media, and the public. The plan should identify communication channels and tactics that can help WPA build relationships, new partnerships, networking, and increase its visibility. It should also provide guidance on how to handle crises and respond to negative publicity.

Digital Marketing

 Social Media Plan: The consultant should develop a social media plan that outlines how WPA can leverage social media platforms to engage with its stakeholders and enhance its communication efforts. The plan should identify which platforms to use, what content to post, and how often to post. It should also provide guidance on how to measure the impact of social media campaigns and adjust the strategy accordingly.


The Consultant should deliver a comprehensive communication strategy plan that includes all of the above elements. The plan should be presented in a clear and concise format, and should include recommendations on how to implement the plan over time. The Consultant is expected to provide support and guidance to the communication officer on how to execute the plan.


 1. Final comprehensive policy and implementation strategy (30 April 2023)

2. Detailed work plan for implementation (10 May 2023)

3. Training for involved WPA staff (17 May 2023)

4. Coaching sessions for Communication team (May, June and July 2023)


WPA team will provide the following: a. Available data, access to social media platforms, previous reports and information relevant to the assignment. b. Arrange meetings with relevant party. c. Plan and organize the training for communication team in coordination with the Consultant.


Educational requirements (15 points)

Candidates are expected to have at least Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, communication, public relations, digital marketing, management, OR any other relevant field.

Professional requirements

Candidates are expected to have

1) At least eight years-experience in providing consulting services, (20 pts)

2) Four years of working experience in developing communication policies and strategies, (25 pts)

3) Advanced knowledge of effective communication platforms and software, (10 pts)

4) Have an extensive similar proven experience with nonprofit organizations, (20 pts)

5) Full command of English language. (10 pts)



How to apply

Interested Consultancy Company / Consultants are invited to submit their proposal including:

a) A cover letter about their background and relevant experience and previous / current clients;

b) List of their expertise and corresponding CVs;

c) Ability to deliver according to set timeframe;

d) Quotation per deliverable;

e) Any other documents that closely demonstrate experience and competence.

Please send a single file named: [last name] [first name] should be clearly identified as “Recruitment of Consultant - Consultancy for development of Communication Strategy” and submitted as PDF files via email to the following email address [email protected]

Monday, 20. Mar 2023
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Education, Human Rights & Protection, Labor & Livelihoods, Refugees
Remuneration range:
3000 to 4000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
Expected Start Date: April 2023