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Diakonia is a Swedish organisation for international development co-operation. We support more than 400 partner organisations in about 30 countries.Together with our partners we form a global network, working towards more people living a life in dignity.
Diakonia's goal is a fair and sustainable development in which living standards for the most vulnerable people are improved, and democracy, human rights and gender equality are respected. The starting point for this is the gospel with Jesus as the role model and, based on this, our policy.
Diakonia does not carry out any projects of its own, but supports local partners. As these organisations are already present and well established, the long term development work becomes more effective.
Diakonia's strength is our partner organisations. They work tirelessly according to their beliefs, through actions for a worthy future.
Everywhere on earth where there is poverty, injustice or violence there are people working for change. Diakonia's vision is that all people should live a satisfactory life and have the opportunity to exercise their civil and political rights, including secured livelihood, a peaceful living environment and knowledge to influence their situation.
Five themes are the basis of our policy
Our global work is divided into five themes, which together form the basis of our policy:

Socio-Economic Justice
Human Rights
Gender Equality
Conflict and Justice
Emergency Response and Disaster Resilience

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International Civil Society Organisation
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Human Rights & Protection
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Administrative Officer
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Diakonia is an international Faith Based development organization rooted in two churches in Sweden, the Swedish Alliance Mission and the Uniting Church in Sweden. The organization currently works through local offices in 24 countries in Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia by supporting local partners. Diakonia’s vision is a Just, Equal and Sustainable world. Our mission and goal are to change unfair political, economic, social and cultural structures that cause poverty, oppression, inequality and violence.

Friday, 7 April 2023

Diakonia is a Swedish faith-based development organization that works to change unfair structures that generate poverty, inequality, oppression and violence. The organization was founded in 1966 and is today rooted in two Christian denominations: the Swedish Alliance Mission and the Uniting Church in Sweden. Our vision and mission are based on theological reflection and the universality of human rights. Diakonia works with around 400 partner organizations (2021) and employs approximately 300 staff in 25 country offices and four regional offices in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the MENA (Middle

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To proactively plan and execute assignments as well as to develop processes and methods within the working area.

Assignment to be adapted to the target group and/or the specific context and carried out in line with Diakonia’s global policies and steering documents, as well as Diakonia´s feminist and human-rights based principles and our values of solidarity, justice, courage, commitment and accountability.

Wednesday, 7 June 2023

The Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Centre is an independent expert group that provides rapid and in-depth advice on the laws of war to ensure the protection of people in conflict zones worldwide.
As a centre of excellence, we share knowledge about and promote international law relevant for situations of armed conflict through research, advocacy, and training. Our rapid and in-depth analyses enable the humanitarian sector to respond to urgent needs and improve international law and its application.

Thursday, 19 January 2023


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