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HROD Manager
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Mission of the position: The primary role of the Psycho-Pedagogical Leader is to provide technical guidance including mentoring and coaching to the pedagogical team at the location, to maintain the quality of care provided to each child, and ensure the development and wellbeing of children, staff and caregivers. In addition, he/she replaces the Family-Like Care Leader in administrative repsonsibilities during his/her absence.


Key performance areas and main responsibilities:


  1. General responsibilities
  1. Ensures the implementation of SOS code of conduct, policies, and child safeguarding policy within the location.
  2. He/she is member of the local child safeguarding team, and he/she protects the children in our care from all forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation, including sexual abuse.
  3. In case of FLC Leader absence, the Psycho-Pedagogical Leader takes over the following administrative responsibilities: including construction, maintenance, personnel administration, finances, sponsorship and child admissions….
  4. Handles all SOS property appropriately, including the financial resources of the organisation as per procurement policy and guidelines
  5. Performs any other duties as assigned by the Family-Like Care Leader.


  1. Quality of Care
  1. Follows-up and monitors the quality of care for each individual child based on a quality of care checklist and by building trustworthy relationship with caregivers and children.
  2. Provides and supports caregivers in providing positive parenting and positive discipline following the international standards.
  3. Observes families and children and follows-up on individual plans (health/mental health, case management, educational…) in coordination with the pedagogical team.


  1. Support and Guidance to the SOS Caregivers
  1. Creates a secure, positive and motivating environment for SOS mothers, in order to encourage their long-term commitment to the children.
  2. Holds regular meetings with SOS caregivers to discuss new ideas, problems and concerns, and to promote open communication and cooperation in coordination with the pedagogical staff.
  3. Coordinates with the pedagogical team to set down a yearly recreational plan to caregivers to promote their health and wellbeing, self-development…
  4. Conducts regular meetings with all caregivers to discuss current activities (case management, PSS, educational activities, recreational activities, awareness sessions…) problems, concerns, and new ideas, in order to ensure open communication and cooperation.


  1. Educational Development of the Children
  1. Scan the community for potential educational opportunities (vocational, trainings, schools, specialised, colleges…) for children
  2. Provides logistical needs for educators (buses, stationery…) clarify books
  3. Works in cooperation with the pedagogical staff to plan educational programmes geared to the individual needs of each child.
  4. Ensures that the educational needs and abilities of each child are addressed (guided homework sessions, remedial classes…), by continuous monitoring and reviewing of each child’s progress.
  5. Conducts bi-weekly meetings with the pedagogical team to follow-up on children’s individual needs.
  6. Prepares holiday programmes ensuring that sufficient educational and recreational activities are offered to the children to prevent boredom and monotony.


  1. Leading an Effective Staff Team
  1. Takes part in the selection, training, appraisal and development of staff, to ensure that only the best staff are employed, and that they are developed to reach their full potential, by using technical tools accordingly.
  2. Plans and follows-up on the Capacity Building activities of staff.
  1. Conducts regular meetings with all staff to discuss current activities (case management, PSS, educational activities, recreational activities, awareness sessions…) problems, concerns, and new ideas, in order to ensure open communication and cooperation.


  1. Child Safeguarding (CS)
  • Responsible to raise awareness of the SOS Child Protection Policy principles and to prevent and protect children/young people from all forms of abuse, abandonment, exploitation, violence and discrimination in collaboration with NCSA
  • Coordinates with NCSA to ensure strong focus on CS prevention by organising informal and formal discussions, workshops and other capacity buildings activities for young people to make them understand  CS risks and protection mechanisms 
  • Reports any CS suspicion, concern, allegation or incident immediately, following Child Safeguarding reporting and responding procedures.
  • Makes sure all reporting channels are accessible to all children and staff and all related equipments and documents are available


Must criteria

    • Working experience of minimum 3 years in relevant fields of child protection, psycho-social or education programmes, or child care
    • Good command of English, written and spoken


Competencies – knowledge, skills, abilities


    • Advanced knowledge of professional quality care standards and developments in psycho-social fields
    • Knowledge of human rights and rights-based approaches in the development of programmes
    • Advanced knowledge of child’s rights
    • Experience in global case management and standard operating procedures of case management in Lebanon
    • Experience in positive parenting skills and psycho-social activities
    • Experience in coaching and mentoring staff and preparing training material
    • Knowledge of national policy developments in the area of child welfare
    • knowledge of professional psycho-social/protection networks in Lebanon including referral systems
    • Strong communication skills
    • Organisational and planning skills, and monitoring and evaluation
    • Will and ability to cope with flexible working hours 
    • Ability to work under high pressure
    • Computer literacy (MS Office)
    • Willing to travel as needed
    • Has a Driving licence





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Last modified: 
03 Apr, 2024
Intervention Sector(s):
Children & Youth
Application Deadline:
Wednesday, 17 April 2024
Contract Type:
Full Time
Period of Employment:
long term position
Salary Range:
1200 to 1500 (USD)
Education Degree:
Bachelor Degree
Education Degree Details:
Psychology or social work
Experience Requirements:
2 to 3 years
Arabic Language:
English Language:
French Language:
  • Lebanon
  • Lebanon
  • Mount Lebanon
  • Matn
  • Saqiet El Misk - Bhersaf