- Offer shall be prepared in English or Arabic.

- Currency of the offer: USD

- Validity of the quotation: Minimum ten (10) working days

- Payment conditions: 100% after delivery, upon invoice submission


Minimum information to provide on the quotation:


- Name, address, phone and contact person

- Copy of company registration

- Copy of tax ID certificate if registered, or Identification letter from the local authority “Municipality, Mayor” to confirm their official presence and good performance in their area.

- Copy of Owner or CEO or GM passport / I.D

- Annex B: Confirmation letter (signed/stamped)

- Annex C: Warranty letter (signed/stamped)

How to apply

Email submission is accepted, but Paper Submission still remains compulsory:


One hard copy of bid submitted on headed paper

    • Bids to be submitted to Sanabel Nour Office: Maarad, next to ghandour Mosque, Tripoli, Lebanon.
    • Bids should be submitted in a single sealed envelope addressed Sanabel Nour Office mentioned above.
    • The envelope should clearly indicate the Invitation to tender reference number ITB/SAN/2023/24/03 but contain no other details relating to the bid.
    • All documentation submitted should be done in their own clearly labelled envelopes which are submitted in one single envelope as detailed above.


Limit submission date: 30/03/2023

Friday, 31. Mar 2023
Type of Call
Calls for Tenders
Intervention Sector(s):
Food & Nutrition