Sustainable Opportunities For Fair Trade Activities In Rural Areas (Sofair) Project - In Partnetship With Fair Trade Lebanon - Funded By Mepi

SOFAIR project aims at enhancing the economic activities and status of 22 women cooperatives and SMEs in rural areas across Lebanon, reducing their cost of production, expanding their market linkages on both national and international levels, developing their sales and enhancing their know-how and practices in product/business development.
In the first stage, cooperatives and SMEs will be provided with the capacity to enter the national and international markets with high quality products, professional skills, reduced costs of production and added values certifications. This will be followed by the infiltration of the national and international markets through the organization and participation in several food shows and events. These efforts will be added to enhancing social entrepreneurship and fair trade in Lebanon. Stimulating these kinds of entrepreneurships will favor human well being, women empowerment, solidarity, ethics, strong social links and good environmental practices as well as the development of the rural economy.

Overall Objectives: 
1- Providing targeted businesses the ability to compete with their products and skills in the national and international markets. 2- Increasing businesses through the penetration of local and foreign markets. 3- Sustainably establishing fair trade and social entrepreneurship in the targeted communities
Activities of the SOFAIR project include the following: - Managerial training with coaching on fair trade, organic production, international norms & standards, GMP & GHP, supply management as well as practical training and the purchase of equipment. - Support to certifications as well as production management support and optimization of the time, the space and the human resources - Organization and participation in local and foreign food shows and events. - Awareness campaigns on fair trade concepts.
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Intervention Sector(s):
Agriculture, Development, Food & Nutrition, Training & Capacity Building, Women Status & Issues
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Fair Trade Lebanon (FTL)