Enhance The Economic Status Of Women In North Lebanon - Funded By Usaid Through Livcd Project

Rural Delights (Atayeb Al Rif) cooperative performed training sessions in four different locations in Lebanon: Bkeftine – Koura, Kfarhelda – Batroun, Jdabra/Deir Bella/Ibrine – Batroun and Sir Al Dounnieh – Dounnieh. Training sessions were divided amongst 6 sessions per location for 133 beneficiaries. Topics covered the techniques of soap making and decoration as well as the skills of handicraft making as accessories and crochet.

Overall Objectives: 
- Mitigate the impact of the Syrian conflict on North Lebanon through providing a job and income generation opportunities - Improve the livelihood standards of Lebanese families and social status of women - Create sustainable business and market for the products - Women empowerment
Training sessions on soap making & decoration - handicrafts, accessories & crochet followed by ceremonies and exhibitions.
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Intervention Sector(s):
Food & Nutrition, Labor & Livelihoods, Refugees, Training & Capacity Building, Women Status & Issues
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