Quick Impact Intervention To Enhance The Economic Status Of Host And Syrian Refugee Women In Lebanon; Funded By The U.s. Embassy In Lebanon

Due to the Syrian crisis, substantial numbers of displaced refugees have scattered around the Lebanese territory. This has caused deterioration in the economic situation of the majority of the population, especially in regions with higher presence of refugees. Hence the general objective of this project is to provide a quick income generating tool for women in need, in both host and refugee communities in four different regions of Lebanon (West Bekaa, North Lebanon, South Lebanon and Mount Lebanon). This will help mitigate the impact of the Syrian crisis on refugee and host communities through women empowerment. The plan of action consists of choosing 200 women, half from the host communities and the other half consisting of Syrian refugee women, from four different affected locations across Lebanon, and developing their skills in handicraft making and their capacity in food processing and production. The proposed curriculum consists of training sessions for hand-made accessories, soap making, and soap decorations; as well as various food processing and preservation sessions. These newly acquired skills will thus allow the beneficiaries to develop their own microenterprise and work in this field, having access to self-employment opportunities and extra income.

Overall Objectives: 
1- Mitigate the deteriorating economic situation of Syrian refugees and corresponding host families in Lebanon through the empowerment of women by providing quick income generation opportunities; which in return help improve livelihoods, economic resilience and social status of women from both host and refugee communities. 2- Strengthen prospects for community harmony, cultural exchange and understanding between host and Syrian refugee communities through the involvement of 200 women in shared training sessions and potential formation of women associations and micro-enterprises.
1- Intensive Training in Handicrafts and Soap Making 2- Intensive Training in Food Processing and Preparation
Start Date
Tue, 01/10/2013 - 3:00am
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Development, Displaced Population, Food & Nutrition, Refugees, Training & Capacity Building
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