Request for Proposal: Travel Agency - Long-Term Agreement


We are excited to announce a Call for Proposal as we seek to select a Travel Agency for a long-term agreement.

Our organization recognizes the need for a reliable and trustworthy partner to assist us in arranging extended travel experiences.



The objective of this Call for Proposal is to identify a Travel Agency that can provide exceptional services and tailored experiences.

We are seeking a partner who can curate unique itineraries, ensure the comfort and safety of our travelers, and offer cost-effective solutions for extended journeys.



We invite all interested Travel Agencies to submit their proposals using the attached RFQ (Stamped & signed) & providing detailed information on the following:


Company Overview: A brief introduction to your agency, including your mission, values, and expertise in long-term travel services.

Experience and Expertise: Highlight your experience in organizing extended trips, showcasing success stories, and providing references from satisfied clients.

Safety and Support Measures: Outline the safety protocols and contingency plans your agency has in place to ensure the well-being of travelers during long-term trips.


How to apply

Proposal Submission:

Interested consultants or companies should submit their proposals, including a detailed resume, a strong portfolio, relevant experience, and to fill request for quotation on the following email.

[email protected]

Please note: we can share the RFQ. excel soft copy 

Deadline: 3rd of February 2024

We look forward to receiving your proposals and appreciate your interest in supporting the graphic design needs of Right To Play.


Saturday, 03. Feb 2024
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
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Trade & Finance