REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS For Rehabilitation Works in 3 different locations (1 lot): Beirut, Saida and North

Right to Play International is looking for a contractor to provide rehabilitation works in schools and educational centres in three different locations in Beirut, North, Saida- one lot.

Kindly find enclosed the following documents related to the tender for provision of “Rehabilitation work ” for “ LDS FFT and LDS RAISE”.


  • Terms of Reference (Technical Proposal)
  • BOQ (upon Request)
    Right To Play is looking forward to receiving your tender through signed and stamped bids before 16h00 on 29th of September 2023, which should include the Subject of the tender RTP20230901 to the following email address: [email protected]
    Your proposal must include the following documentation, kindly use the list below as a ‘Checklist’ before submitting your proposal to Right To Play International.
  1. Bills of Quantity in excel formal and pdf format signed and stamped.
  2. Technical Offer that should include:
  • schedule of material along with the BOQ.
  • a detailed Working schedule.
  • the company portfolio.

How to apply

Your complete quotation shall consist of the following documents:
a) A copy of your firm’s incorporation and classification/registration with the relevant business licensing authority (Registration and legal permits)
b) Priced and Stamped Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and detailed Activity Schedule / Completion schedule or work plan (Annex 1)
c) Technical and other documentation confirming compliance with Annex 2 and other pertinent information concerning compliance with health and safety requirements and the contractor’s personnel code of conduct.
4. The deadline of queries regarding the application is 12pm – September 25th , 2023
E-mail: [email protected]
E-mail Subject: 20230901- LDS FFT and RAISE REHABILITATION
5. The deadline for submission/receipt of your quotation is 4pm – 29th September, to the Email address: [email protected]
All applications post the deadline will not be considered.
All applicants submitting their offers have read, understood, and agreed to Annexes 3 and 4.
6.Qualification of the Contractor: please refer to Annex 2.
7.Applicants must quote for all the locations included in this Request for Proposal. Contractors must quote for all the items, all the quantities of an item and all the centers within a lot, of the works. A partial quote will not be accepted. If a quotation shows items listed but not priced, their prices shall be assumed to be included in the prices of other items. An item not listed in the quotation shall be assumed to be not included in the quotation and the quotation shall be rejected as incomplete

Friday, 29. Sep 2023
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