Psychomotricity Resource Package - Consultancy

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Terms of Reference


Psychomotricity in Emergencies Resource Package


Type of Contract: 

Independent Consultancy 


English is required.  Knowledge of German, French or Arabic is desirable.


Global Program Development Unit






Right To Play is a global children's organisation that protects, educates and empowers children to rise above adversity. We believe that age, gender and ability sensitive play, in all its forms, including games, sports, art, drama and music, not only is essential for children's wellbeing and development but is also life-saving. Right To Play operates in 14 countries around the world, in both development and humanitarian contexts. 


A focus area for Right To Play (RTP) is preventing and responding to children psychosocial needs through play. The degree of psychomotor development in children substantially impacts the child's education and long-term psychosocial resilience and social integration.  Thus, building children and their caregivers' psychosocial resilience through play-based approaches is a core methodology at Right To Play. We design interventions to support children by encouraging their meaningful participation, and training teachers, coaches, parents and community leaders and non-specialised staff on play-based methods that strengthen their abilities to aid children's mental and physical development positively. 


The Covid-19 pandemic, an increase in humanitarian crisis, and the impact of technological advancements have re-focused our attention to the link between all forms of mental and psychomotor skills such as physical and recreational play activities and psychosocial wellbeing.


A resource needs gap analysis informs this initiative to develop a Psychomotricity resource package in Emergencies to train and mentor non-specialised personnel such as teachers, healthcare workers, caseworkers to apply preventive and responsive psychomotor games/activities to both detect motoric challenges in children and support their development, rehabilitation and psychosocial wellbeing. The content of the psychomotricity package will focus on the context of Palestine.




2.1. Develop and design content for a Psychomotricity Resource Package, including:


  • A Psychomotricity Trainer Manual with sessions on a theoretical framework, safe management and referral of child protection case management and other relevant services


  • A Play-Based Activities Manual (activity catalogue) for implementers


  • A Coaching and Mentoring Handbook on Psychomotricity for Trainers to support the progression of implementers


All material developed for this consultancy must be gender, age and ability sensitive, and child participatory through play-based methods. 




3.1 Develop and design content for a Psychomotricity Trainer Manual in Emergencies to support children affected by psychomotor development, applying psychomotor play-based activities to prevent risks or respond to trauma.


3.2 Develop a psychomotricity play-based activity catalogue under various PSS child protection thematic areas in emergencies such as disabled children, gender-based violence or other groups of marginalised children in emergencies. The PSS themes will be determined following consultations with Right to Play Palestine. The catalogue play-based activities range between 20-30 and are subject to discussion between the consultant and RTP during the consultancy.


3.3 Develop a Coaching and Mentoring Handbook on Psychomotricity, in consultation with RTP, for Trainers to provide ongoing support to trained implementers/practitioners.




4.1 The consultant is requested to propose his/her methodology and approach for how he/she will complete all the key outputs with RTP. 




  • Develop a detailed work plan and outline a methodology and estimated timeframe for each deliverable. The methodology and timeframe will be shared, discussed, and agreed upon with RTP’s Global Program Unit before work commencement.  


  • Participate in initial briefings with RTP to ensure that the consultant is clear on the project deliverables' expectations. RTP will support discussing and providing the list of key informants from our country offices and external stakeholders known in the field of PSS to be interviewed. 


  • Present to RTP the draft resources developed for review and allow discussion and input from the RTP project team through debriefing before revising and completing each deliverable.


  1. Deliverables


    1. The production of the Psychomotricity Resource Package, including annexes. All sessions and relevant content will be discussed with the consultant. Broadly it expected that content would cover sessions on theory and practice (face to face and remote), introductory sessions on identifying cases, prevention and response psychomotor activities for groups of marginalised children in Emergencies, a session on safe management and referral of child protection cases among others.


    1. All material shall be produced in the English language and should be simple in expression (jargon-free). According to RTP branding and layout guidelines, all text should be on A4 paper size in Calibri font size 11.


    1. The consultant is responsible for submitting an electronic version of the Psychomotricity Resource Package material developed in Word format by the agreed deadline to enable copyediting and graphic design work. 


    1. The final products should be fully referenced, with findings linked to evidence.


    1. Confidentiality of issues discussed shall be safeguarded by the consultant(s) in all aspects of the Project (e.g., the study presentation package; individual project case studies; overarching synthesis report). 


    1. Right To Play will be responsible for coordinating and supporting the exercise, in partnership with relevant RTP Country Teams and stakeholders. The consultant(s) will keep the organisation up to date throughout the project delivery and agree on any changes to the methodology and timelines where appropriate.   




  • The estimated time for the completion of the work is to be specified by the consultant.
  • The consultant will follow the agreed-upon work plan. 
  • The consultant is expected to start as soon as possible after the offer is signed and accepted.
  • The Project must be completed latest by 30th July 2021.


NB! Cost extension does not apply to this Project. 




8.1 The consultant shall work under the supervision of the Right To Play Child Protection Specialist. 


8.2 Members of the Global Program Development team have an advisory role in finalising the project resources.


8.3 The consultant(s) and the relevant Right to Play project team members meet at various project stages per the agreed timings. 




  • A Specialist Degree program in Psychomotricity, or Master's degree in Psychology, Mental Health, Child Psychology, Psychosocial Studies or Psychosocial Interventions and other demonstrable relevant academic discipline
  • At least 6 years of practical experience within the field of Psychomotricity
  • Knowledge of child participatory methodologies and experience in working with children and youth in humanitarian and emergency settings 
  • Experience in providing training to non-specialised staff in Psychomotricity
  • Well versed in qualitative and quantitative research methodology, research design and implementation
  • Proven background in developing similar resource packages or training manuals for a range of audiences to support children with special needs
  • Excellent understanding of Child Protection and Psychosocial Support in emergencies
  • Conversant with Gender in Emergencies
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Experience working effectively with local and national organisations and the NGO sector
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in the English language is required. Knowledge of Arabic or French and German would be an asset.


Interpersonal skills


  • Strong communications skills
  • Team player
  • Constructively critical
  • Organised with an ability to deliver on time


  1.  BID REQUIREMENTS/HOW TO APPLY - Interested consultant(s) or firms are requested to submit: 


  • Expression of Interest (EoI) detailing their interpretation of the TOR, proposed methodology and work schedule.  
  • A capability statement demonstrating how they meet the required qualifications and competencies.
  • A budget for the proposed daily rate, including all taxes liable to be paid.
  • Copies of all relevant Resumes. Only Resumes for the specific individuals that will form the proposed consultancy team should be included. 
  • A sample of similar material, resources or toolkits developed for a similar project completed within the last 24 months (treated as confidential and only used for quality assurance) along with contact details for the responsible person from the organisation for whom the work was done. 
  • Two references (including one from your last client/employer).  


N/B: The entire bid should be in English and a maximum of seven (12) pages, including the budget and Resumes. Bids not meeting this requirement will not be considered.




  •  If you believe you qualify, please submit your application as per the bid requirements by submitting proposals to [email protected]. Any questions can also be directed to this e-mail.
  • We are accepting applications until 12th February 2021.
  • The shortlisted 3-4 candidates may be invited to submit modifications or make a short presentation for the final selection.  


We are committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion within our organisation and will accommodate qualified candidates. 




12.1. All documents and data collected are treated as confidential and used solely to facilitate analysis. 


12.3 All those contracted by RTP must agree to sign and abide by the Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct and property rights policies.  

How to apply

Interested candidates are kindly requested to submit their applications along with all bid requirements before 12th of February 2021 to: to [email protected]

Friday, 12. Feb 2021
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Development, Health
Remuneration range:
3000 to 4000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
5 months