Expert in media and digital communication tools or professional agency to be contracted in GREENLAND project

  1. SCOPE

This invitation to tender to individuals and professional agencies , hereon referred to as the tenderers, to apply for the expert in Media and digital communication tools post to provide training and mentoring at the following levels:

  • 300 trainees on online Skill Building training
  • 60 trainees on lab Skill Building training
  • 15 trainees in 30 days of in-job Skill Building training

The tenders must include the profile and financial offer. All prices in the offer must be tax exempted.




The task of the expert in Media and digital communication tools appointed by PDA, PP1 of the GREENLAND project, is to provide the following missions:

  • Determine training needs, criteria, curricula, and schedule training sessions to build and develop skills in E-commerce management.
  • create 10 lab skills training lectures to be uploaded on the GREENLAND interactive training Platform as Recorded materials (HD Resolution with explanation slides and images) in Arabic and English languages. The content of the lectures must be advanced taking into consideration that the trainees will have passed previously 6 basic courses already uploaded by the project to the platform.
  • Create a professional e-commerce platform (with 500 sub-stores and 10000 items) to be used during the training phases and to be delivered to PDA as a green food e-commerce platform.
  • Implement 4 Onsite Lab skills training classes, in Hermel and Baalbek, taking into consideration the following conditions:
    • Duration of 8 days for each class.
    • 15 trainees per class.
    • Dividing the attendants into 3 groups, one to be led by the lead mentor and 2 by the assistant mentors.
  • Monitor the trainees' performance and response to their questions in the following three phases: online training (300 trainees) and onsite training (70 trainees) and internship (15 trainees).
  • Organize and conduct evaluation test interviews with the trainees one by one at the end of each phase to determine who has the possibility of moving to the next phase.
  • Conduct daily evaluations to identify areas of improvement.
  • Keep attendance and other records.
  • Prepare exams and evaluations for the online training.
  • Prepare a practical exam and evaluation for the onsite training.
  • Provide training classrooms in Hermel and Baalbek.
  • Determine training needs and schedule training sessions

The lead mentor and his/her assistants must have the following characters:

    1. Master’s degree in related discipline.
    2. At least ten years of practical working experience in delivering hands-on digital skills training
    3. Understanding of effective teaching methodologies and tools
    4. Proficient in MS Office (esp. PowerPoint);
    5. Phenomenal communication, presentation and public speaking skills
    6. Should be eloquent and persuasive and can turn practical execution of digital concept easily.
    7. In-depth knowledge of SEO, SMM, PPC, SEM, web analytics, Google ad words, etc. is essential.
    8. Ability to use analytical tools and techniques.
    9. Planning and preparing course and lessons for digital marketing and E-commerce.
    10. Teaching and presentation skills.
    11. Excellent communication skills needed for this role.
    12. Helping learners in the practical execution of the digital concept.
    13. Teaching on how to build a digital business from zero.
    14. Organizational and time management abilities
    15. Excellent knowledge of English, written and spoken
    16. Critical thinking and decision making


Preference will be given to professional agencies.



The assignment has a duration of 5 months, starting from the date of stipulation. 


The Max gross fee, including social security and welfare charges, is Euro 18.000,00. 


 February 2023


Lebanon, Baalbek-Hermel 

How to apply

Please press the link here

Tuesday, 10. Jan 2023
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Communications & Media, Training & Capacity Building
Remuneration range:
> 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
5 months