A Practical Guide for Civil Society Organisations in Lebanon for ICT For Development

Information and Communication Technology is necessary to help organisations, as well as grassroots collectives to better communicate, plan, organise, implement, monitor, and develop programmes and initiatives.

This guidebook strives to fulfill the preliminary needs of different small to medium CSOs in better using technology in their daily tasks. It targets team members fulfilling different roles in an organisation, and assumes the team has basic digital literacy.

This guidebook covers the use of MS Office, working on the Google Suite, Monitoring & Evaluation using Google Forms or KoboToolkit, and creating basic websites using Wordpress which is particularly useful for communication staff.

This guide refers to various tutorials selected from several sources, these annexes can be found on Lebanon Support’s Civil Society Incubator website, and are available for download here. Careful consideration was taken to also include external links for further support and learning.

The Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action
Publishing Date: 
Thursday, 5 August 2021
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Guides & Tools
Civil Society Development
Science & Technology
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Civil Society Incubator