1. Background information

With the support of the European Regional Development and Protection Programme for Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq (RDPP II), Oxfam and partners Legal Agenda (LA) and Lebanese Observatory for Workers and Employees’ Rights (LOWER) are implementing a project titled “Promotion of decent work and sustainable business development in Bekaa, Lebanon.” In addition, the project will work very closely with My Work, My Rights! Network, an informal group of local Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) that work on advancing decent working conditions in Lebanon.

The project aims to contribute to a decent and economically sustainable business environment for displacement-affected populations in the Bekaa by strengthening the linkage between the local civil society, the business development organizations, and the MSMEs in Bekaa.

To achieve this overall objective, the project will implement activities under three main cluster:


  • Cluster 1: Empower a local network of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to influence practices and policies related to decent work;
  • Cluster 2: Convene an informal network of private business development organizations and professionals with strong decent work capacities in Bekaa;
  • Cluster 3: Improve working conditions and accessible decent job opportunities in Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Bekaa.


Under the first cluster, a digital online platform/database to archive and monitor the violations against the decent work agenda will be developed and managed by LOWER during the early stages, to be then handed over to be administered and managed by the Network’s steering committee. In addition to providing access to monitoring information, the database will be used to showcase the research, infographics and advocacy products of the Network.


LOWER is looking for a Web App Developer to develop, program, design, prototype, test, maintain and assist in the launch of a multi-platform web application to support the My Work My Rights network in archiving and monitoring the violations against the decent work agenda.

The Application

The Web App will be divided into 4 primary sections: an information section, a FAQ section and a contact section.

Through the information section users can have direct access to:

  • Studies and publications around decent work, labor rights and labor law;
  • Monitoring information
  • Showcase the research, infographics and advocacy products of the Network
  • Legal information, documents and forms pertaining to labor rights and labor law.


The FAQ section will include a list of frequently asked questions and their corresponding legal answers.


In the contact section, users will find a hotline number, email address, social media accounts of the Observatory, and a whistleblower form to allow users to get in touch, schedule an appointment for an in-person legal consultation, and/or anonymously report employer breaches of labor rights. As user anonymity is important, the application will not include user account registration.


The fourth section will be dedicated to “success stories” exhibiting solved cases and achievements to provide the users with reassurance that support is available, and they are not alone.


The following basic requirements for the app have been identified:

  • The web application platform should be accessible on multiple devices
  • The data displayed on the app from existing sources (such as should update automatically;
  • A Content Management System to enable My Work My Rights members to upload, update and tag new content Display multimedia content;
  • Features such as notification system, and specification for target devices;
  • The application's interface will be designed for English and Arabic languages;
  • The web application platform should enable practitioners to collaborate and gather knowledge;
  • Focus on simplicity, great performance, and attractive design.


Expected outputs and estimated timeframe:

  • Web application platform research and ideation, discovery, and specification for infrastructure technology (present pros and cons for development options: native, hybrid, web-app), options data sources, API, and design requirements.
  • Consult with LOWER to enable the harvesting of data and other data sources. The provider will also be expected to engage with the network members to ensure that the design and content of the app are coherent with My Work My Rights identity.
  • Creation of wireframes and detailed description of app features and user interface, including an interface for display project data, featured stories, information, and other multimedia (video, audio, images, interactive maps, etc(
  • Development of the design (at least 3 options to be submitted for review)
  • Wireframes and design submitted for review and approval to LOWER followed by updates based on feedback.
  • Development and configuration of an Alpha version of the App focusing on key features (to be defined during project ideation. (
  • Review and approval of the Alpha App design and functionalities by LOWER after coordination with My Work My Right members.
  • Quality, security, and performance testing and fix.
  • Full implementation and delivery of the features and design of the app (Beta version)
  • Finalization, including final quality testing and approval.
  • Support for the application process and launch of the app.

Institutional Arrangement

  • The service provider will report directly to LOWER.
  • The provider will continually interact with the team throughout the stages of developing the product to seek approval. 
  • The provider will share a progress report weekly with the tasked team.


  • The applicant should have a proven record of innovation in the mobile platform and application field.
  • The applicant should have a team of experts that include technology experts and coders, social media experts, mobile platform innovation experts.
  • Working knowledge of international development issues and agendas is an asset.

How to apply

Requested Presentation of Proposal to include the following documents upon submission:

  • A Concept proposal for the App, which should include: (a) description of the web application platform, and (b) how the proposed approach will better deliver My Work, My Rights!  development mandate.
  • Financial Proposal that indicates the all-inclusive fixed total contract price for the project, with a break-down of costs.
  • Estimated timeline distributed into two months and last month to finalize modifications for the completion of each step of the App development.

Applicants should send their proposal documents at:  [email protected] 

Friday, 04. Dec 2020
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Human Rights & Protection
Remuneration range:
5000 to 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
3 months