Recognizing the pivotal role of media in shaping societal values, fostering political discourse, and holding leaders accountable, we have embarked on a mission to prioritize public dialogue concerning workers' issues in Lebanon. Our initiative, known as "Workers' Voice" or "صوت العمّال" in Arabic, stands as an inclusive and interactive alternative media platform.

Grounded in principles of freedom of expression, independent journalism, social justice, and fair labor practices, Workers' Voice serves as a reliable source of information for the public, journalists, civil society, and other stakeholders. Through our collaboration with the Lebanese Observatory for Workers & Employees Rights (LWRO), we provide comprehensive insights into the realities faced by workers, including rights violations, pertinent legislation, and the state of the trade union movement in Lebanon.

Moreover, Workers' Voice aims to become a trusted reference on Lebanese labor laws, gender equality in the workplace, social protection frameworks, and the historical and present-day landscape of the trade union movement. Our platform offers a safe space for workers to voice their concerns and share their experiences freely.

In addition to information dissemination, we undertake public awareness and advocacy campaigns to promote labor rights and push for meaningful reforms. These campaigns include "Know Your Rights" (اعرف حقّك), which raises awareness on labor rights from a gender-inclusive and diverse perspective, and "The Trade Union Protects" (النقابة، بتحمي), highlighting the vital role of free trade unions in safeguarding workers' rights.

Scope of Required Professional Services

The video production company/expert who will be hired is expected to produce 6 Podcast episodes

The service provider who will be hired will coordinate with the LWRO team in order to create the Podcast content in accordance with the plans in place.


The episodes will be posted online on social media platforms.


Videography, editing and production of podcast series comprising 6 episodes. Each episode spanning 15 to 20 minutes will offer engaging and insightful discussion led by interviews with academic professionals, economists and other experts

Please refer to the attached RFP for more info.

How to apply

The applicant is expected to present two proposals: (1) a technical one, and (2) a distinct financial one. The technical proposal must not contain any budgetary or financial information. The financial proposal must be put on official letterhead of the bidder and duly signed.

Proposals, as per set requirements henceforth, are required no later than April 26, 2024 at 4:00 p.m. Beirut local time

All proposals must be developed in English. The proposals must be sent as following, noting that proposals submitted by means other than as specified below will be rejected:


You should send your proposal to [email protected] Cc [email protected]


Email title “Podcast Series _ Workers’ Voice”.

The Technical Proposal and the Financial proposal should be in PDF format.

Other required documents with the financial proposal in PDF format: Copy of the MOF registration; Copy of the commercial registration (firms); Copy of the VAT registration (firms).

Friday, 26. Apr 2024
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
Intervention Sector(s):
Advocacy & Awareness, Democracy & Civic rights, Human Rights & Protection, Labor & Livelihoods