Upgrading Of Ildes Health Care Center (Ihcc) Funded By Ausaid (Dap)

In April 2012 ILDES conducted one on one interviews with the doctors who provide care in the center about the most urgent needs of IHCC to better provide for the medical requirements of the beneficiaries. They said unanimously that the needs are for affordable diagnostic exams for mother and child.
So the main need is to purchase, among other things needed, light medical equipment that could be operated by the physicians themselves and on the premises in order to give a quick diagnosis to the patients. This equipment consists of an Electrocardiogram machine, a multi-purpose ultrasound console (heart, abdomen, kidneys, obstetric, arteries etc.) and a retinoscope for the eye exam.
The project consists of upgrading the medical services of IHCC. In order to achieve this we need to introduce additional diagnostic exams and improve on the working conditions of the personnel. For that we will:
I. Purchase, install on the premises, test and operate the following medical equipment :
ECG Electrocardiogram 12 Channels Console Ultrasound + options Retinoscope

Overall Objectives: 
The project aims at contributing to the decrease of the health bill of families by upgrading qualitatively the health services provided to the beneficiaries of the IHCC.
Start Date
Mon, 26/11/2012 - 2:00am
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