Donation Project In The Caza Of Bint Jbeil

Distribution of financial aid to:

1-Households of students in several public and private schools in the caza of bint jbeil to cover part of the cost of schooling, the schools are located in the following localities (Kfardounin, Kherbet Selim, Safad el Batikh, tebnin, baraachiy Aytaroun, Yaroun, Ain ebel, Rmeich, Debel)

2-Inhabitants of partially destroyed houses in several villages of the caza of Bint Jbeil. (Kfardounin, kherbet selim, Baraachit, Safad el Batikh, Aytaroun. Yaroun, Ain ebel, Debel).

Overall Objectives: 
1-Support the education of students coming from low-income households in the caza of Bint Jbeil. 2-Support the repair of partially destroyed houses of low income households in the caza of Bint Jbeil.
1-Social economic surveys of households in the concerned villages in the caza of Bint jbeil by a joint comity formed by ILDES and Circle for Dialogue and development members. 2-Allocation of funds to the selected households for the cost of education and the cost of house repair.
Start Date
Wed, 01/11/2006 - 2:00am
Project Status
Project Timeframe
Intervention Sector(s):
Project Location:
Collaboration with Other Organisations
Our Work is conducted in coordination with the schools directors, the municipal councils and the mayor of the concerned schools and localities.<br> We are also working in close coordination with our French partner La Guilde Europenne du Raid who provides the majority of the financing of the project and the Circle for Dialogue and Development, our southerner partner who provide us with his local network of contracts and social workers and with whom ILDES jointly decides the allocations.