Terms of References (TORs) Photographer (External Collaborator) - Women Empowerment in the context of Care (WE CARE) Project


There is a growing need for care globally. However, proper recognition of the contribution of care providers still lags behind. Progress in addressing the structural gender challenges that keep the responsibility for care within households on women remains slow.
In that context, Lebanon is no exception, and there are other layers of complexity that expose care workers in the country to serious vulnerabilities, affecting home-based care workers, nationals as well as migrants, especially as they operate outside of the regulation or protection of the state.
WE CARE structures a response to care work needs in Lebanon and paves the way to professionalize the sector through greater formalization and regulation of care services, in line with decent work principles, and by exploring cooperatives and social enterprises as entry points.
The Project also addresses the unequal distribution of care responsibilities in the family on women, and propose discussions and solutions to change social norms and policies.
A consultant (photographer) will work under the guidance of and report directly to the We CARE project Manager. S/he will work in close collaboration with the ILO communications team.


The Photographer will be tasked with capturing high-resolution photos to be utilized in project publications and across various online platforms such as social media, websites, presentations, and other visibility materials. The themes depicted in these images should align with powerful messages that portray the essence of care work, conveying a positive and impactful narrative. The photos to represent a selection inspired from the categories mentioned in the attached ToR.


1.Capture high resolution images of the themes proposed above in different governorates across thecountry, reflecting the diverse social fabric in Lebanon. Some focus to be put on Bourj Hammoud andBeirut Suburbs.
2.Caption each photograph with specific details such as the location taken, name of the people (forportraits), activity and any other relevant information.
3.Process the photos to ensure high quality photos and remove any blemishes/imperfections.
4.Copyright for all photographs taken during this assignment remains with ILO.
5.The Photographer must allocate 20 working days to deliver the photos within 6 weeks as per theagreement with the project.


1.Have demonstrated experience in carrying out similar projects especially with Un Organization.
2.at least 7 years’ experience in documentary and photography & 2 years in photo editing.
3.Certificates in photography will be considered an asset.
4.Experience of both portraits and photographing large
5.Owning necessary equipment’s such as camera and laptop and programs for photo editing.
Among nine ILO core competencies, following competencies are particularly important for this position: Quality Orientation, Communication, Collaboration, Integrity, Transparency and Client Orientation.

The Consultant

1-Should be ready to start work immediately after acceptance.
2-Should have an open bank account in USD.
3-Should submit CV and cover letter when applying to the position.
4-The candidate should submit sample of previous work.


The 15 days will be distributed within 6 weeks based on the need of the project between 20 April to 15 June 2024. The work is including travel inside Lebanon.

Payment Terms

Payment One: Delivering 10 days of photography not later than 30 April 2024. Final Payment : Delivering 10 days of Photography not later than 15 June 2024.

How to apply

Financial Proposal to be submitted including price breakdown aligned to the deliverables required for of the assignment.
•All Financial Offers must be established and submitted net of any direct taxes or customs duties. Asan international organization, the ILO is exempt from all taxes and duties.
•The ILO is not bound to accept the lowest priced offer from any Bidder, nor give any reason forrejecting a proposal.
•The ILO is not responsible to provide working space nor IT equipment.

In addition to the Financial Proposal, interested candidates to submit their cv and sample of work to [email protected] no later than 15 April 2024. Only applications from individual consultants are considered.

Monday, 15. Apr 2024
Type of Call
Call for Applications
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Women Status & Issues