Designing and Implementing IT infrastructure and Server room for the Central Service Board (CSB)


    1. General objective

The objective of the assignment is designing and delivering the IT Infrastructure of CSB including cabling, switching, VoIP Telephony, Redundant Power supply, WIFI Hot spots, Internet connection cabling and a state-of-the-art Server room.


    1. Specific objectives
  1. Empower CSB in conducting its leading and focal role in supporting public administrations.
  2. Provide a modern and stable infrastructure much needed for the smooth operations within the Central Service Board.
    1. Anticipated results

Delivery of the required needed infrastructure and equipment by September 30th , 2024.



  1. Deliverables


    1. Scope of Work


1.1. Network Infrastructure

  • Design and deploy a structured cabling system based on industry standards.
  • Provide and install high-quality network switches and related hardware.
  • Ensure scalability for future expansion.
  • Implement redundancy and failover mechanisms.
  • Conduct testing and optimization for optimal performance.


1.2. Server Room

  • Design and build a state-of-the-art Server Room facility.
  • Install and configure servers, storage systems, and backup solutions.
  • Implement virtualization technologies.
  • Set up environmental monitoring, cooling, and power distribution systems.
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.


1.3. Security

  • Integrate intrusion detection/prevention systems, and antivirus solutions.
  • Implement access controls, encryption protocols, and secure network communication.
  • Conduct regular security audits and vulnerability assessments.
  • Develop and implement an incident response and disaster recovery plan.


For more information about the call for tender, please refer to the attached terms of reference.

How to apply

The proposal should include:

  • Technical proposal (in MS Word format) that strictly follows Annex I skeleton.
  • Commercial proposal with a filled priced BOQ in MS Excel format (format is provided)
  • 2 Letters of reference signed and stamped by 2 different customers that have undertaken a similar solution in the last 5 years. The references should clearly state the entity/company name, focal point to contact (Phone and email) and the work that has been undertaken.
  • A copy of the VAT Certificate
  • A copy of the Company Registration document
  • A copy of a recent commercial circular (إذاعة تجارية)

Please send your proposal by email to Mr. Rayan Merheb at the following address:

[email protected]


Submission deadline

All proposals must be submitted no later than 6th of July 2024, 5 PM.

Saturday, 06. Jul 2024
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