Gender Equality Research Specialist/Women Empowerment Hub GIZ

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  • Interested candidates are kindly requested to send their CV and cover letter to to [email protected] attached as PDF file 
  • The subject line of the application should clearly indicate the vacancy applied for "Gender Equality Research" only, otherwise, your application is not considered. 
  • CVs and motivation letters in IMG, pictures, screenshots, and links will not be accepted.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 
  • Starting date: as soon as possible.
  • GIZ is committed to gender balance and diversity without distinction regarding race, sex, or religion, and without discrimination against persons with disabilities. Remuneration will be in accordance with the candidate's qualifications, experience, and scope of responsibility for the job announced and in line with local standards.
  • Note: GIZ will send feedback only to the candidates that are shortlisted and interviewed in person - after a final decision on recruitment is taken - within one month time from the deadline mentioned in the vacancy announcement
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Job Description: Gender Equality Research Specialist – Women Empowerment Hub (WE-HUB)


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Gender Equality Research Specialist

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Job Profile


  1. Required qualifications, competences and experience

Professional experience


  • Hold a master’s degree in political or social sciences, International Development, Gender Studies, or a related field, with a strong emphasis on research methodologies;
  • At least 7 years of proven research experience in women's economic empowerment or in supporting civil society and institutional actors working on entrepreneurship;
  • Very good knowledge of Lebanese legislative framework related to gender equality stakeholders, institutional reforms formulation and decision making processes;
  • Exhibit an excellent understanding of the Lebanese context regarding gender equality, with a specific focus on women's economic empowerment, informed by extensive research experience;
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate and negotiate effectively with local and institutional partners, government representatives, academic research institutions and civil society organisations (CSOs);
  • Good command of programme and project management life cycle including strategic planning, development, management, monitoring and evaluation. Experience in the management of integrated multisector projects would be an asset;
  • Previous experience working with the Lebanese National Gender Observatory is highly desirable;
  • A previous experience working on EU funded projects is an asset;
  • Excellent communication skills ability to adapt to a diverse multicultural environment;
  • Excellent command of English (oral and written) and Arabic. French would be an asset.
  1. Responsibilities

The position holder is responsible for:

  • Undertake in-depth research to provide robust support and expertise for effective governance within the Women's Empowerment Hub of Component 2 Women's Economic Empowerment.
  • Use analytical skills to interpret data and trends, providing insights to optimise project outcomes and identify areas for improvement.
  • Proactively identifying and addressing challenges through evidence-based approaches, fostering productive cooperation with Expertise France, the European Union, and other stakeholders, drawing on research insights to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Supervise the work of non-key experts as required.
  • Ensure that project activities are on track.
  • Cover the required reporting tasks and ensure timely submission of reports.
  • Additional tasks and responsibilities as requested by the line manager



In this context, the position holder fulfils the following tasks:


  1. Tasks
  1. Core scope of tasks as part of “Component 2: Fostering an enabling environment for better engagement of women in the workforce”:


  • Leverage advanced research expertise to strategically implement and refine research recommendations, ensuring alignment with project objectives and outcomes.
  • Work with academic and research institutions, LNGOs, feminist NGO platforms and the private sector to improve data accessibility, using rigorous research methodologies to collect and analyse gender-disaggregated data.
  • Lead legislative advocacy and policy influencing efforts in collaboration with government stakeholders such as MoSA, MoE, Ecosoc Lebanon, Parliament and the private sector, using research findings to inform evidence-based decision making.
  • Conduct impact assessments of legislative advocacy and policy influencing efforts, using research-based methodologies to measure results and identify areas for improvement.


Other relevant activities (management and administrative):


  • Meet with relevant stakeholders based on the need. 
  • Provide support to the other Key Expert when needed.
  • Identify the need for NKEs, identify NKEs and supervise their work.
  • Verify NKEs timesheets based on follow-up with KEs.
  • Ensure that all adopted procedures follow GIZ guidelines.
  • Assist Expertise France in relevant tasks based on need.
  • Lead on the level of project reporting (progress report…).


Project Description


The overall objective of the action, with a budget of EUR 6,000,000, is to promote the advancement and empowerment of women for effective realization of gender equality. The specific objectives of the project are:


SO1. Increase women’s leadership and participation in political and public sphere.


SO2. Foster an enabling environment for better engagement of women in the workforce.


SO3. Enhance key legislative reform and measures that protect women from all forms of violence.


WE-HUB Project will be implemented by Expertise France and GIZ, as follows:


Expertise France will be in charge of components 1 and 3 and responsible for the overall coordination of the project and donor reporting. GIZ will be in charge of component 2.




Daleel Madani, the civil society network, serves as a platform for organisations to post their professional opportunities, but is not involved in the recruitment process. The hiring organisation is solely responsible for the job and candidate selection.

Last modified: 
26 Apr, 2024
Intervention Sector(s):
Development, Gender issues
Application Deadline:
Tuesday, 7 May 2024
Contract Type:
Full Time
Period of Employment:
one year with
Salary Range:
2000 to 2500 (USD)
Education Degree:
Masters Degree
Education Degree Details:
Experience Requirements:
5 to 10 years
Arabic Language:
English Language:
French Language:
  • Lebanon
  • Beirut