Training Expert - Water Distribution and Pipe Fitting

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The training expert will be responsible for conducting training sessions on water distribution and pipe fitting for employees of regional water establishments (RWE) and/or municipalities.

The training aims to introduce participants to the basic types, installation, operation, and maintenance of water distribution networks..

The training should cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to water distribution system and storage.
  • Pipe systems, materials, and types. (Including samples)
  • Pipe assembly all types including welding, threading, Butt Fusion and Electrofusion of pipes and fittings. (Theory and practical)
  • Pipe protection, corrosion control, wrapping. (Theory and practical)
  • Testing: Pressure test, leakage testing, swabbing, material and debris removal from  networks. (Theory and on-hands practical)
  • Excavation, laying techniques and procedures, levelling instruments, backfilling. (Theory and practical)
  • Installation-connections, alignments, flushing. (Theory and practical)
  • Understanding of backflow prevention, pressure and flow control devices.
  • Water volume determination (e.g., tank, main) and related pipes.
  • Water flow rate determination (from pumps, gravity lines, etc.).
  • Flowmeter types and mode of application (jet, volumetric, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, etc.) (Including samples)
  • Leakage detection (explore the leak detection technology and machines used). (Theory and practical)
  • Fixing leaks on water networks: PE and Steel; Connections: Diameter adapter and Gibault joints. (Theory and practical)
  • Maintenance logs preparation and usage.
  • Water pollution prevention and control measures
  • Safety and required PPE.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Recommending changes to training topics as necessary
  • Preparation of training material in English and Arabic.
  • Training of RWE and Municipal employees.
  • Providing all necessary equipment and samples for each training.
  • Assisting in identifying appropriate locations for practical training sessions through site visits.
  • Providing the training report which includes:
    • Training objective
    • Training content
    • Trainee assessment results (Pre and Post test results)
    • Summary of participant evaluations
    • Attendance Sheets
    • Training Pictures


  •  Creation and customization of Training Session Material prior to the training session date 
  •  Providing the training (up to three trainings)
  •  Training Report for each training delivered

For more details, please check the link of application:


  • An Engineering degree in civil, mechanical, electrical, or structural engineering.
  • Training expert should have at least 15 years of proven working experience in network installation and rehabilitation in the Lebanese water sector.
  • Strong knowledge of the Lebanese Regional Water Establishments requirements and standards for work.
  • Training experience in the Lebanese water sector.

Location and Reporting:

Training will be in multiple locations at the four Regional Lebanese Water Establishments and municipalities.

Training expert will report to WSC’s Institutional and Capacity Development Specialist (ICDS).



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03 Jul, 2024
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Wednesday, 10 July 2024
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Short Term Technical Consultancy
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> 3000 (USD)
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Bachelor Degree
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An Engineering degree in civil, mechanical, electrical, or structural engineering.
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More than 10 years
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  • Lebanon
  • Beirut
  • Beirut