The USAID-funded Clustering for Economic Development and Revitalization of Industry Sectors

Overall Objectives: 
The program activities have three objectives: - To substantially reduce rural-to-urban migration through the continued support of local producers, provision of national level strategies for training, extension services, information dissemination, and improved access to worldwide markets -Increasing the competitiveness of the agribusiness sector through training, new technologies, and access to credit, linking producers to a wider range of buyers both inside and outside of Lebanon. - Generating new jobs
CEDARSplus is a systematic intervention comprised of projects that enhance local production, provide national training and extension services, and improve market access: Integrated Post-Harvest technologies, Enhancement of the Olive Oil Sector in Lebanon Microfinance Activities, Develop a National Information Network for Extension Services at the Ministry of Agriculture, Expand Fruit Trees Production, Expand the Agricultural Central Market-Nation Wide, Expand Agro-food production Industry for Ahlouna Organization, Enhance Southern Sub-Tropical Production, Up-Grade Agro-food production Industry for Moassat Organization, Support for the Fishing Industry Produce Olive Oil Pomace Firewood, Equip a Pre-Cooling Facility for the Valencia Oranges Project, and Expand Forage Production.
Start Date
Sun, 20/11/2005 - 2:00am
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Collaboration with Other Organisations
Ren̩ Mouawad Foundation (RMF), Hariri Foundation - HF, and Association d