Objectives and Key Activities

Berytech seeks an external consultant to carry out mapping and identify the different organizations and associations working in the renewable energy sector.  The main goal is to carry out comprehensive desk research and field assessments within the renewable energy sector to pinpoint key stakeholders, including renewable energy producers, distributors, and technology innovators, for potential inclusion in a new Renewable Energy Innovation Cluster.

The consultant will also analyze existing international renewable energy clusters to understand their members, objectives, mission and key activities. Based on Key informative interviews (KIIs) and desk research, the consultant will provide recommendations on the initial focus areas for the proposed cluster. Identified stakeholders to join the cluster should demonstrate an element of innovation in their business models, operations, or products.

The consultant will work under the overall direct guidance of the cluster’s manager , in close coordination with the Program Director.

The key activities should include:  

  1. Desk Research:
    •  Identify existing major studies, reports and databases related to the renewable energy companies across the value chain (Manufacturing, Assembly, System Integrators, Installation and integration, Consultancy, Suppliers, Operation and Maintenance, Supply Chain and logistics, Education and Training, Policy and Advocacy, R&D, Finance and Investment). The main purpose is to obtain more up-to-date information on general situation in Lebanon and identify the main actors.
    • Analyze global trends, best practices and innovations in Renewable Energy clusters
    • Compile a list of international Renewable Energy Clusters and their characteristics.
  2. Field Assessment:
  • Identify and map key stakeholders within the renewable energy sector in the target region.
  • Conduct site visits and interviews with renewable energy producers, manufacturers, suppliers, installers and to understand their operations, challenges, and needs. Conduct Key Informant Interviews with different stakeholders to understand their challenges and their interest in collaborating with other players in a cluster format.
  • Identify areas of complementarity with organizations as well as areas overlap to gear the project into a more beneficial direction.
  • Gather data on the type, brands, and capacity of renewable energy systems installed in the mapped region.


  1. Key Informative Interviews (KIIs)
  • Identify and conduct informative interviews with key stakeholders, including representatives from renewable energy producers, suppliers, installers, technology innovators, research institutions, academia, industry associations, NGOs, community groups, and government authorities at the local and national levels.
  • Explore stakeholders' perspectives on the potential benefits and challenges of participating in a renewable energy innovation cluster.
  • Collect feedback on the desired focus areas and activities for the proposed cluster.


Expected Deliverables

The consultant should provide the following key deliverables:

  • Comprehensive desk research report summarizing global trends, best practices, and innovations in renewable energy clusters.
  • Stakeholder mapping report detailing key stakeholders identified during the field assessment, including renewable energy manufacturers, suppliers, installers, technology innovators, research institutions, academia, industry associations, NGOs, community groups, and government authorities.
  • Summary report of key informative interviews conducted with stakeholders, highlighting their perspectives and recommendations for the proposed cluster.
  • Analysis report of existing international renewable energy clusters, including their members, missions, and key activities.
  • Recommendations report outlining the initial focus areas and activities for the proposed renewable energy innovation cluster, based on KIIs and desk research findings.
  • Provide Detailed Reports on the findings including but not restricted to, the challenges the renewable energy sector (Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Biomass Energy, Hydropower, Geothermal Energy...) is facing, the map of relevant stakeholders across the value chain working in this sector in Lebanon and a chart of interested players who might play a role in the initiation of the cluster. 


The consultant should have the following qualifications:

  • BSc/BA diploma in management or a relevant field; MSc/MA is a plus.
  • 7 to 10 years’ experience in the economic development sector with focus on renewable energy or a related field.
  • Proven experience in working on projects preferably within the renewable energy sector at policy or ground levels.
  • Strong network and links to different organizations working in the field.
  • Excellent moderation skills and experience in qualitative research.
  • Experience in developing and delivering stakeholder mapping.

How to apply

To apply, please submit your proposal (technical and financial) along with your resume and work/ project portfolio by email to [email protected] by June 28th, 2024.


Friday, 28. Jun 2024
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Science & Technology
Remuneration range:
4000 to 5000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
2 months