Regional Information Management Consultant


The role of the Regional Information Management consultant is to ensure the optimal performance of organizational information technology systems and operations in alignment with business objectives. The consultant will design and implement a robust MEAL platform using CommCare, establish Power BI reporting across all Anera offices at the regional level, and assist in the data migration process, ensuring the integration of key performance indicators and efficient data management.

The consultant will conduct a thorough review of  information systems that are currently under consideration for implementation as listed, Click-Up - project management tool;; expensify, grant management system; HRIS system; supply chain management system (inventory management); and an international payroll system.

Key Responsibilities:

  • MEAL Platform Design and Implementation:
  1. Collaborate with key stakeholders to identify and define corporate and thematic indicators for Anera's projects and operations.
  2. Design the MEAL platform on CommCare to capture both aggregate data across all Anera projects and specific data for individual projects.
  3. Ensure the platform design accommodates various reporting needs, including country-specific requirements and overarching organizational goals.


  • Power BI Reporting Setup:


  1. Develop and set up a comprehensive Power BI reporting system integrating data from the US, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine offices.
  2. Create dynamic and user-friendly dashboards and reports that provide insightful analytics and visualization for decision-making.


  • Indicator Development and Review:


  1. Conduct a thorough review of existing performance indicators and develop new indicators as needed to ensure alignment with Anera’s strategic objectives and operational needs.
  2. Facilitate workshops or meetings to validate and finalize the indicators with relevant teams.


  • Data Migration and Integration:


  1. Assist in the migration of data from the existing Apricot Social Solution platform to CommCare.
  2. Ensure data integrity and accuracy during the migration process.
  3. Develop and implement strategies for effective data integration and consolidation.


  • Capacity Building and Training:


  1. Provide training and support to Anera staff on using the new MEAL platform and Power BI reporting tools.
  2. Develop user manuals and training materials for ongoing reference and learning.


  • Continuous Improvement and Support:


  1. Monitor and evaluate the new system's performance, making necessary adjustments.
  2. Provide ongoing support and advice on information management best practices.


  • Cloud Services Deployment - Assist Anera in migrating workloads to cloud environments and deploying cloud-based services. This may involve designing cloud architectures, configuring virtual machines, implementing containerization solutions, and optimizing cloud resource utilization.


  • Software Implementation and Configuration: Install, configure, and customize software applications and systems to meet clients' business needs. This may involve deploying enterprise software solutions, integrating third-party applications, and optimizing software settings for performance and usability.


  • User Training and Documentation: Conduct training sessions and create user-friendly documentation to empower Anera's staff to utilize IT solutions effectively. This may include conducting workshops, creating training manuals, and developing online resources.





  • A Bachelor's  degree in computer science, information technology, computer engineering, or a related field is required.
  • Technical proficiency in various areas of information technology is essential. Expertise in networking, systems administration, cybersecurity, database management, cloud computing, software development, and IT infrastructure.
  • Consultants should have a proven track record of success in delivering IT solutions and services to clients across different industries.
  • Excellent consulting skills are critical for effectively communicating with clients, understanding their needs, and providing tailored IT solutions and recommendations. This includes strong interpersonal skills, the ability to build rapport and trust, and effective presentation and negotiation skills. Ability to conduct training and capacity-building exercises
  • Proven experience in MEAL system design, preferably with experience in CommCare and Power BI.
  • The consultant must be a skilled problem solver, capable of analyzing complex technical issues, identifying root causes, and developing innovative solutions to address client challenges. Strong analytical and critical thinking skills are essential.
  • Proficient in project planning, scheduling, budgeting, resource allocation, risk management, and stakeholder communication.
  • Strong background in data analysis, reporting, and visualization.
  • Experience in data migration and management across multiple platforms.
  • Ability to conduct training and capacity-building exercises.
  • Fluent in both English and Arabic
  • Knowledge of humanitarian or development sector work, particularly in Middle Eastern contexts, is an asset.


Desirable Certifications: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Project Management Professional (PMP), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), and Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications. 


Duration: The total estimated duration of the consultancy is 12 months.


Salary: As per Anera's Salary Payscale. The salary mentioned above is preset by Daleel Al Madani Website, it does not necessarily match Anera's lower and upper ranges for the position.


Reporting: The Information Management Consultant will report to the Senior Executive Leader, Samar El Yassir with dotted line reporting relationship to the MEAL Manager. and provide regular updates on the data migration progress, data design set up on the new platform, and the Power BI reporting project. 

Please note that this position is virtual, and physical meetings will be requested as needed, depending on the person's location.


Deliverables: (establish deadlines for each deliverable)


  • Comprehensive mapping document for data transition .

Within 2 weeks from project initiation

  • Pilot migration report with identified issues and resolutions.

Within the second month from project initiation

  • Power BI reports for effective data visualization and analysis.

Within the third month from project initiation

  • Documentation of the entire migration process.

Within the fourth month from project initiation

  • Design and prepare training materials for users.

Within the fifth month from project initiation

  • Create a post-migration support plan.

Within the sixth month from project initiation

  • Implementation of Training for end-users based on the prepared training materials 


  • Monitor the system's performance post-migration and fine tuning


  • Provide ongoing support to users with any queries or issues


  • Conduct periodic assessments to evaluate the overall success of the migration



How to apply

All interested parties should complete the application process via the link below:

Application Form

Monday, 15. Apr 2024
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Research & Studies
Remuneration range:
3000 to 4000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
12 Months