Nahno Volunteers Consultant for Youth

Project Background:

The National Youth Engagement and Volunteering project aims to connect young people and partner organizations in Lebanon to create opportunities for civic engagement. The project works with local government organizations, private sector companies, non-governmental organizations, civil society, social enterprises, and institutions to empower youth with skills to engage in their communities. The goal is to promote a culture of Volunteerism across Lebanon among local NGOs and Youths through campaigns, capacity building and engagement.


Nahno-Volunteers is part of the National Youth Engagement and Volunteering program, which aims to foster youth engagement and create opportunities for them to lead positive change in Lebanon. Its mission is to empower young people by connecting them with various engagement opportunities, helping them develop crucial skills, and actively participating in their communities. It serves as a bridge between youth and organizations. Here is how it works: organizations, including companies, NGOs, and institutions, can post volunteering opportunities, and young individuals can register to match with these opportunities. It is a flexible and adaptive platform designed to cater to the unique interests and skills of both youth and partner organizations. For more information, you can visit the platform at

Purpose of the Consultancy:

Objective: To enhance Youth registered on Nahno Volunteers platform Capacity Building in different areas such as Leadership, CV writing and communication skills.

Anera is seeking a long-term capacity-building consultant to deliver  comprehensive training workshops to Youth registered on the Nahno Volunteers platform. This training aims to foster youth capacity to effectively participate in the platform and contribute to their community by connecting them with opportunities with local NGOs. The consultant will develop training materials and facilitate training sessions for youth volunteers.

Workshop Structure and Coverage:

Topics to be covered:

Leadership and social responsibility

CV writing and Linkedin

Effective communication

The selected consultant will be required to:

Implement the training across Lebanon in the following regions: North Lebanon, Mt. Lebanon, Beirut, Bekaa region,  and South Lebanon (estimated 16 training sessions, accommodating an estimated 50-70 participants per session) 

Target Audience:

The target audience of the capacity-building training includes young volunteers who are registered on the Nahno Volunteers platform and are interested in contributing to their communities.

Expected Outputs:

The expected outputs of the consultancy are as follows:

Develop comprehensive training materials for the workshop including pre-post tests; 

Develop a plan for the delivery of the training sessions, which takes into account the selected project’s implementation dates, location (both geographic and delivery of actual training), number of participants, etc.

Deliver to Anera program team reports summarizing the training program and its impact after each workshop 


Field visits may be required to areas (North Lebanon, Mt. Lebanon, Beirut, Bekaa region,  and South Lebanon) based on the capacity building plan agreed upon with partners. If field visits are required, transportation will be covered by the project from Beirut to the other areas.


The consultant should possess the following qualifications and experience:

Experience in delivering capacity building sessions for youths

Background and/or experience in working with youths and delivering trainings 

Ability to design and deliver interactive and participatory training sessions

Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Fluency in Arabic and English Languages.


How to apply: 

CV highlighting the relevant experience in working with youths, and training delivery

Detailed budget proposal which includes breakdown of costs as per the below:

Development of material (presentation and manual) 

Implementation of training days - cost per day x estimated 16 training days 

How to apply

Interested candidates may apply by email to [email protected] with the subject "Nahno Volunteers Consultant for Youth"

Monday, 10. Jun 2024
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Children & Youth, Training & Capacity Building
Remuneration range:
4000 to 5000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
8 Months