Overall Scope of work:

Under the direct supervision of the project manager, the selected consultant’s scope of work is:

Desk Research:

  1. Conduct a literature review on the history of grazing, livestock management practices and production in MH
  2. Assess the effect of the implementation of sustainable grazing practices (rotation-resting system and transhumance during summer and winter) on the quality and quantity of pastures.
  3. Prepare and fill in structured questionnaires with shepherds of the region that include information on local knowledge on flocks and their management, the grazing trajectory of the herd, herding practices, ownership, types of fodder, transhumance movement, livestock production, processing, and marketing, etc.
  4. Compile data on rangeland stocking rate, rangelands carrying capacity and vegetation cover and water in rangelands in MH
  5. Deliver a needs assessment for the shepherds (in terms of vaccines, fodder, and other essentials) laying emphasis on the health statuses of their livestock.
  6. Compare the impact of sustainable and unsustainable management practices on biodiversity with a special focus on wild edible plants.
  7. Study the effect of livestock management practices on the wild edible species of MH.
  8. Choose the ultimate grazing system to be implemented in the region with recommendations for each zone.  


Field Work:

  1. Set a detailed work plan of the fieldwork and visits to be conducted to the area and shepherds including a timeframe for each activity
  2. Guide the field team during their missions to the rangelands for data collection and accompany them when needed
  3. Monitor the condition of the livestock in MH and report any violations if spotted.
  4. Site and map (KMZ/GIS) the pasture and rangelands in MH zones with maladaptive grazing practices
  5. Gather and use scientific information to evaluate and improve management decisions and practices on the ground.



  1. Integrate the grazing assessment within the MH management plan (the MH management plan is currently being developed).
  2. Participate in the meeting of the BioConnect committees when compulsory.


 All deliverables must be submitted in English language and are under the ownership of ACS.

How to apply

The submission process must be either through a courier service,  or hand delivered to the reserve park house by the participant in person.





Monday, 24. Apr 2023
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Agriculture, Coordination & Information management
Remuneration range:
> 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
8 Months